Explore water bottles made for everyone and anyone

Water bottle store provides double-wall, sealed tumbler bottles to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for longer duration of times. Various models of water bottles invented by water bottle store soon captured the interest of many bottle lovers. This store improved and designed attractive decorations, colours, and emblems to create water bottles as unique as their consumers. Here you can shop from a wide range of flat water bottles, foldable water bottles, steel water bottles, plastic water bottle designs made by Vapur, Nalgene and much more. Their innovative styles can impress you in such a way that you could feel their drink ware models would change the water bottle industry forever. By saying yes to water bottle store drink wares, say a big no to non-biodegradable plastic water bottles and get opted for an evergreen lifestyle!

Water bottle store offers drink ware in numerous sizes, thousands of licensed and original designs and a full complement of accessories. Notebook shaped water bottles are one of the best and attractive drink wares available at water bottle store. This thin water bottle fits in any sized bag and looks extremely stylish. This slim bottle is freezer proof, leak-proof and is highly durable.

flat water bottles

This ultra-slim water-bottle is the best choice for people whose main motto is space-saving. This water bottle, occupying less space, is ideal for traveling or daily usage. This innovative notebook shaped water bottle by water bottle store is great for students. Students or travellers can carry them conveniently just like a notebook or memo pad. It is made of high-grade plastic and is famous for its ultra-slim structure. It is great to carry it with you while you’re away at picnics, school, college, outdoor activities, gym sessions or at the office.

Features of notebook style water bottle include: great space-saving designed water bottle for every individual and for every trust need, heat resistant, durable, freezer proof, easy to hold in your hands or bags like a notebook or memo, ultra-slim design which slides easily into your bag, leak-proof lid, made with food grade plastic.

These flat and reusable water bottles are BPA-free water bottle that comes with the capacity of around 200 ml to 1000 ml. However few bottles are specifically meant for cold water, and they should not be used for storing hot boiling beverages. This notebook style, ultra slim water bottles are an ideal fit for your carry on bag and are perfect to accompany your laptop, tablet, and cell phone anywhere you go. As all bottles available in water bottle store are made up of BPA-free plastic, they all are long life reusable bottles designed to assist in decreasing the amount of disposable plastic water bottles that are having an extremely devastating effect on our environment.

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