The importance of strengthening the pelvic floor during pregnancy and how to do it

Women must take care of her pelvic floor throughout the different stages of their life but, above all, during pregnancy, since it is during those months when the area is usually ‘damaged’ more before the progressive growth of the baby in the inside the abdomen.In this article, we are going to talk about this topic in detail to help you. Click here for pelvic floor physiotherapy toronto.

There is greater abdominal pressure and hormonal changes also occur in women that contributes to the muscles becoming weak. The pelvic floor weakens during pregnancy, is overloaded, and is even damaged during vaginal delivery, so It is advisable to prepare the area during pregnancy, and on a day-to-day basis, if possible, we must tone it up.

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Prevent constipation

It is advisable in the first place to prevent constipation, another reason for overloading the area, in addition to practicing sports or physical exercise. It should not be impact, jogging or jumping, and a good diet should also be followed.Click here for pelvic floor physiotherapy toronto.


As for toning, In the first trimester of pregnancy it is not necessary to perform it because it is the most delicate period in case there is a threat of abortion. In addition, it is always contraindicated in situations of premature birth or in situations that require rest.

Toning can be developed from Kegel exercises, mainly during the second and third trimesters, and can be complemented with the use of therapeutic Chinese balls or devices to use, but always with good hygiene.

Hypopressives are not suitable during pregnancy, and they are not the main pillar for toning the pelvic floor, with Kegel exercises being the main guide to follow.

Each case is unique

Of course, each case must be individualized and ask the pelvic floor specialist what is best for the pregnant patient because in the case of a pregnancy twin or specific anatomical conditions is not indicated toning the area, for example.

Perineal massage

The perineal massage is another tool that can be used to tone the area, but always accompanied by Kegel, and guided by a specialist. You should never do anything without the advice of a professional doctor otherwise, things may go wrong.

We should be warned about the fact that pelvic floor toning is usually indicated when strengthening the area since many pregnant women have slight urine leakage during this stage.

Therapeutic Chinese balls present the risk of infections, as long as strict hygiene is not followed when washing and using them, and be careful because their use may lead to some damage to the cervix, as that it is more sensitive and can bleed.

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