Know When to start eating lactation cookies

Pregnancy is when women get all paranoid, and it’s at amok as it is a very critical period that determines the ultimate quality of life of the fetus developing inside. One must be guided appropriately during her pregnancy to determine what’s best and what’s not during this period. It’s also advisable to get professional advice on the same, that is, consulting your every move with a gynecologist. They can offer the most precise information for all your do’s and don’t(s) about when to start eating lactation cookies and many more.



A woman’s body prepares the milk for the baby as soon as the fetus begins developing in her womb. The woman’s body undergoes many changes to accommodate the baby and prepares her body to provide sufficient nutrition for the baby once it’s born. The food the baby consumes following birth is of utmost prominence as it will be the only source of its nutrition, and the baby’s natural growth from there on is determined by what the baby consumes. Hence, a lactating mother must adhere to strict dietary plans that would best enable feeding adequate and nutritious food to the baby. 

start eating lactation cookies


How to increase or pump up your supply?

There are many ways which can aid in increasing your milk supply, right from altering your diet to include a more significant portion of foods that are highly potent in increasing the synthesis of milk to taking supplements. Supplements come in different forms. You are starting from lactating granules to cookies. These are lactating cookies that are loaded with numerous scientifically tested ingredients that give a boost up to your supply.


Lactation cookies:

These cookies not only enhance the mother’s milk supply instead they also aid in revamping the mother’s energy and health too.

These cookies contain galactogogues as their major ingredient which elevated the milk produced by the body.

They can be taken right from the last few weeks that leads to birth. While few brands advice to take them few days following birth. This solely depends upon what each brand endorses, depending upon the efficacy and method of working of their product. The expected span of time for the cookies to take effect will be around a couple of days.


Choose the right cookie 

Pick up a lactation cookie brand wisely and do your research on each of them before buying any brand.

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