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Why A Good Shoe Is Important For Standing

The body was meant to move, it was meant to go the distance. When you run faster, your heart keeps up with the demand by pumping faster and supplies more oxygen to the body. The lungs expand to accumulate more air everytime you breathe, even the evolution that made man bipedal suggest that a human can be more mobile if he walks with legs. The feet helps with stability, your center of gravity and your shoulders help with the balance and many more.

People are born to move that is the fact and being bipedal means people are able to stand. Standing is a very important position, everyone does it on a daily basis and the fact is standing for too long is not good. Simply because the body is not good at being still, it was built to move. But unlike any other position that it gets comfortable even for prolonged hours like meditation poses, standing isn’t.

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Why does standing hurt? Think of this example, when you are carrying your groceries you can carry it the first few minutes, no problem, the longer that you carry your groceries the heavier it will feel over time. This is because of the gravity that you are exerting force to carry your groceries. The feet when you stand gets pulled down by gravity, this is ok, what is not okay is if your 2 feet will bear your body’s weight and the more that you stand still or even walk, the more that you will feel that weight thru sores.

Why footwear is important: The fact is that there are no shoe companies that will advertise a shoe for standing, no one does that. But there are certain features of of shoes, like performance running shoes for example that fits the part perfectly. Performance shoes are all about the abuse, it’s durable, it’s well cushioned, comfortable, have a good fit, lockdown, and support that makes any person perform at their best and go all out. While standing with theses performance running shoes is not a very abusive way to wear the shoes out, the key features like a snug fit, a good cushioning system, arch support and so on help’s make prolonged standing more bearable and safe too.

Buying tips: If you are in it for the long-standing, it’s all about endurance, with that you need to have is a shoe that has a very good cushion, that should be the priority, the fit, and it goes from there. Also if you don’t know what you really need to go to a shoe store that has people that knows about their products.

Standing may not be as labor intensive as anything. But it can still make your feet sore especially if you’re doing it too often over a prolonged period of time. This is why it’s essential that one should wear a really good footwear and by definition is good are mentioned above. If you want to see some really good reviews on some shoes that are perfect for standing, click here.

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