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Self-help techniques and strategies for dealing with depression

Depression can be a big issue which can make you feel low and under confident in your life and career. Self-help courses can help you get back to normal in several ways. There are numerous self-help strategies for depression and can help you in case —

  • you are feeling down and have a low self-esteem
  • you are in need of tools that can help you to uplift your mood
  • You are feeling extremely demotivated and under confident.

What are the self-help strategies available ?

A mental health professional or a counsellor or a close friend can help you deal with the situation but there are few things which require self-help too without which you won’t be able to deal with the situation.  Although you may not feel the instant results of these strategies they will help you improve over a period of time by putting an end to the depression cycle.



Keep a track of your thoughts – writing a diary or a scrapbook can be a good way to note down your thoughts. It helps you identify things that make you feel low and depressed. You can then try to solve those issues or overcome to those feelings. Finding the root cause of a problem is necessary to solve it.

Practise relaxation techniques – There are several relaxation techniques like meditation, laughter therapy, aromatherapy, spa massage etc. open can help a great deal to reduce stress and rejuvenate your thoughts and lifestyle.

Avoid drugs, smoking, and alcohol – People generally resort to bad habits when depressed, which aggravates the problem. Hence it is advisable to avoid creating a dependency on alcohol, drugs or any sort of addiction when depressed. They may make you feel better initially but over the time the addiction will cause major complications to your physical, emotional and mental well being.

Stay fit and active – Sometimes depression brings with it negative emotions about one’s own self and a reduced self-esteem. So a person starts neglecting personal health and fitness and it can have adverse effects on their hormonal levels. Exercising can help bring up your energy levels and stimulates the production of endorphins that make you feel happy and good about yourself. Increased physical activity will help you be physically as well as mentally active. A simple walk in the fresh air can be a boost to your mood.

Do things you enjoy – It might be difficult to try out things that you enjoy while you are feeling low but this is the only way to make you feel better.

Socialise – There is no point in being lonely when you are feeling sad. Go out with friends, share your feelings, and socialize and remain happy.

Other self-help techniques include 

  • Learning some new hobby or creative activity
  • Go out on a short trip with friends
  • Spend some time with pets, and plants
  • Talk to a counselor or someone you trust
  • Join a depression support group of people facing similar problems
  • Learn some positive coping strategies
  • Set small goals and work to achieve them
  • Make sure to sleep well.

If self-help does not work well for you take medical help in combination with self-help techniques.

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