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How long do hemorrhoids last?

Sometimes a person may develop swelled blood vessels inside or outside the rectum canal. This syndrome is called the hemorrhoids or most commonly as piles. It affects the anal system. The individual suffering from piles will experience swelling and bleeding. When it effects internally, it remains painless. But the red rectal bleeding assures you about the infection. When it occurs externally, feeling of pain and swelled anal parts are the signs of piles. Here we will talk about how long do hemorrhoids last?

The lasting period for hemorrhoids:

            Depending on the severance of hemorrhoids the symptoms may last for a prolonged period or they can be disappeared by its own. In the case of small size, it may possibly be lucid within a few days without any clinical treatment. Sometimes, the recovery needs a few simple changes to the diet plan and the regular lifestyle.

            If the internal blood vessels got enlarged and stick out of the rectum canal those are called the prolapsed hemorrhoids. This may take a much longer time to be healed up and sometimes with the help of clinical treatment.

            Women often develop piles during their pregnancy. Actually, the fetus pressurizes the abdomen which results out the extension of the blood vessels. Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the chance of the infection. But it comes back to its normal state after the delivery. In some rare cases, special attention may be required.


            Maximum symptoms are noticeable in the case of external piles. Internally infections do not seem to be noticeable from outside except blood stains during the bowel movement. The most common symptoms are:

  • Itching around the rectum canal opening
  • Bleeding at the time of bowel functionality
  • In some cases blood in the toilet tissues
  • Swelling around the rectum
  • Lumps at the opening of anus
  • Pain and discomfort at the anal section

Getting rid of hemorrhoids automatically?

            If you are suffering from small external infection then it can disappear by its own. You can try some home remedied to heal it. Home remedies are natural and do not have any side-effects. These treatments can decrease the inflammation and pain at the particular area.

            Sometimes a healthy diet can help you to get rid of this problem. High dietary fiber is the most important food element to battle with this disease. You have to make your diet chart with lots of brown rice, whole grains, oats, and carrots. Drinking plenty of water is       must. Water helps to decrease the pressure on the anal system.

            Doctors recommend not sitting on the toilets for a prolonged time. The sitting posture builds up pressure on the anus.

            Maintain your personal hygiene to prevent hemorrhoids. Cleaning your anal with harsh soap and rubbing with dry and uneven tissue paper are not recommended by doctors.

            Depending on the discomfort level piles should be treated. For the large external ones, you may require some clinical help. Also, the internal hemorrhoids last longer than the external. Internal hemorrhoids may be prolapsed. Then it needs more serious treatment. It may take 5-6 weeks to heal.

            Now it is clear that hemorrhoids are curable and preventable. If the question is “How long do hemorhhoids last?” then the answer is that it depends on the severance of the condition of hemorrhoids. It can be from 1-2 days to 4-6 weeks and also may be more than that.


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