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Adaptive Clothing: It’s In the Details

Having any form of disability could be daunting both for the affected individual, as well as the people who care for them. Good thing there are adaptive clothes online that are currently available and well suited to every specification, making some concerns just a bit easier to handle.

Adaptive clothing is specialized garments or footwear designed for individuals who have difficulty dressing independently or those who have particular sensitivities. These apparel are practical, utilitarian and comfortable, but most importantly, easy to put on and remove. It doesn’t hurt that they are pleasing to the eyes, too.

People who are infirm or with special needs do not have to settle for less in terms of clothing. It would be of great benefit to their self-esteem and confidence if they are able to do basic daily activities like dressing without having to ask for help.

Having a wide range of options to choose from would be an added bonus for, who would not want to look good under any circumstance?

  1. Sensory Clothing

Some children and adults in the Autism Spectrum are exceedingly sensitive to the material or fit of their clothing. Most find tags at the collars inordinately irritating, others hate the idea of buttons or zippers. Most are not comfortable with fitted clothes while others even need extra weight on them. The single common quality they want in clothes is a very soft and airy fabric.

  1. Velcro Fasteners

Manipulating buttons, hooks or zippers can be tricky for individuals who have difficulty in fine motor movements and t whose upper extremities have limited range of motion. This is true for those afflicted with Parkison’s disease, Arthritis or recently had hand surgery.

The placement of such fasteners is also significant; depending on the condition, shoulder or side fastening may be a better option.

Whether on shirts, dresses or pants, velcro fastening is a good choice.

  1. Elastic Waist Bands

Garterized waistbands offer big advantages as there is no need for fastening manipulations. The stretch ensures that the garment won’t be too tight as to cause discomfort or bruising. Pulling them up or down is fast and hassle-free.

  1. Seated Jeans

More suited for the elderly with incontinence or those confined to wheelchairs, seated jeans are designed with convenience for those using disposable diapers in mind.

  1. Snap Back Items

Caregivers have an easier time when dressing their wards with this clothing option. Those in wheelchairs find simply snapping their clothes at the back useful as well.

  1. adaptive clothes onlineSide Or Back Flap Pants

Those whose mobility of the lower extremities is impaired would benefit from pants that fasten at the sides to avoid having to pull them up or down. It is also more prudent to be changing and fastening someone’s pants from behind.

  1. Slip Proof Velcro Shoes

Shoes with velcro fasteners are effortlessly worn, and, of course, everyone knows how crucial non-skid footwear is.

  1. Ponchos

To keep warm and dry, ponchos are the best choice. Just slip it on and you’re good to go.

If you need to, go ahead and buy some adaptive clothes online!

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