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Take Narcissist Test and Save Yourself from Losing Your Personality

What you can see you can handle. But what about something which you can’t see but keeps eating you? What will you do if you start idealizing someone without realizing that you are losing yourself? What will you about such a danger which is ready to engulf you’re your personality without dropping a hint?

Well, the above is a description of narcissist abuse which is a prominent mental problem today. The most disturbing fact in about the syndrome is that the victim is unaware that her personality is being erased. There is no chance that the person will realize it either and will remain in the self- blaming state forever induced by the narcissist.

What is narcissist test?

Narcissists are the people who have high self-esteem outside and inside too. They love to be admired and want to have everything according to them. The main feature of their disease is grandeur- they boost cocky and catchy tales of their achievements and accomplishments. They want people around them to be their subjects and appreciate them and for that they can do anything.

narcissit test

The best way to detect if you are changing in a narcissist is to take narcissit test. This test has a set of questions which will determine whether you are a narcissist or not. These questions are based on  your personality and preferences and your daily life. The result scores determine what level of narcissit you are and what help you need from others. Here are some symptomes which if you see in yourself can take a narcissit test and get help in time.

  • You are lost in imagination of unlimited success and keep thinking about it all the time. You have built an imaginary world around you and are miles away from reality.
  • You credit yourself with high importance and are very cautious about your associations. You want to mingle with people of high stature ad position and think ill of those who do not such position.
  • Wherever you go, you expect to be treated superior than others. Common treatment does not satisfy you and you want the best expect the best of everything to be at your disposal. You can’t take refusal and when you can’t get it you boast about to others by modifying the story.
  • People are you are obliged to admire you, and if they don’t they should be punished iswhat you think. You have crossed the height of self- importance.
  • Your goals are unrealistic and totally unbelievable. You strive to fulfill them and compare yourself with the popular examples of heroism.

These are very common symptoms and if they escalate, you may end up in a complete narcissist. This is common in men and there are cases when they find a victim to satiate their unrealism. Their wives are the general victim. Prevent your transformation into a narcissist by taking narcissit test at the right time.

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