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All you need to know about the symptoms and diagnosis of male infertility treatment!

It is a myth that male infertility is associated with age.  Generally problem of infertility can be depicted as severe one when a male cannot make a fertile female pregnant. Amongst the 15% of male worldwide infertility occurs at early age.

Usually when male faces this problem; there are lot of queries that strike in mind, some of them are as follows:-

What are the symptoms that can be alarming sign to infertility?

1)            Difficulty in maintaining erection or reduced desire for intimacy.

2)            If there is any kind of swelling, Lump or pain persisting in the testicle area.

3)            If there is any previous injury or any other sexual problems.

4)            If the sperm count is lesser than 15 million

5)            If the sperm is not able to move and reach towards the egg then this can also be regarded one of the male infertility problem.

6)            In very rare and acute cases; male infertility treatment is required if the shape of the sperm is unusual.

What diagnosis best male infertility doctors in Mumbai suggest when a patients visits clinic?

Medical history and physical examination: – This step is done to check if there are any kinds of inherited diseases, issues related to chronic health. Doctors may ask the patient the past records of any testicle surgery or injury. Even the examinations of genitals will be done.

Analysis of Semen:-  This procedure is done in myriad different ways for obtaining semen sample. One way of collecting the sample is by the way of masturbation or ejaculation in special container. If the patient feels uncomfortable by this method then alternative of collecting sperm in special condom is done during time of intercourse.Basically when the sperm sample is being sent to the lab then things like sperm motility or if there are abnormalities in the shape of sperm. Incase if there are any infections the same can be detected well with the small semen test. Doctors may advise to go for further tests also if there is problem in reports. Further tests like scrotal Ultrasound, Testing of hormone, Post ejaculation urinalysis or genetic tests can be suggested.

After thorough diagnosis the best male infertility treatment specialists suggest treatments like:-


With the help of surgery the prior vasectomies can be perfectly reversed. This step is also taken when sperm has to be directly taken from the testicles.

Eliminating minor infections

If there any infections then the same can affect your reproductive tract. In preliminary treatments first antibiotics are suggested. At this step doctors will suggest on avoiding addicted things.

Assisted ReproductiveTechnology(ART)

  Through the normal ejaculation, extraction of sperm is done with the help of surgery or donor. With the process of IVF then are inserted in the female genital tract.

Hormonal issues

If there are high or low levels of hormonal problems then medications are prescribed. In fewercases doctors may recommend replacement of hormone.

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