Which is better? Circuit training or lifting weights? Find out here

Circuit training routine is both effective and very efficient way to enhance your cardio and weight training, but not everyone is fit for it because of its extensive nature in completing a dozen exercises consecutively and minimal rest periods. Circuit training can also be comprised of a mixture of strength-training exercises, cardio, and minimal weight lifting.

Circuit training is also better at keeping your cardiovascular system especially your heart energized to burn more calories stored in your body compared to the conventional weightlifting that is stationary and requires minimal cardio. However, this does not undermine or discredit the benefits of lifting weights, it is just that circuit training offers fitness buffs and people who are conscious with their weight a whole new level to burn fat.

In this article from a very popular facility for circuit training workout & exercise class in hong kong, let us discuss why circuit training is better than the conventional weight lifting, and find out its supporting facts.

For beginners, circuit training is very unpopular for them because of its difficulty level, especially those who just started the strength training routines that they do daily. They find this ineffective and very tiring, when in fact, they only hate it because it costs them too much energy, which is the main purpose of circuit training to utilize all your energy so that you can burn those calories that need to be used in order to get rid of that excess weight that you dreaded for so long.

Circuit training or lifting weights

Beginners simply do not engage in circuit training frequently because they focus more on their aesthetics, they want their guns to grow bigger, without knowing that they will grow impatient for it because muscles grow bigger and more emphasized if you lose weight and starting to notice that you are getting shredded and your muscles appear more chiseled than before. It is because your body got rid of the fat making your muscles appear physically than before. In simpler term, circuit training is a cardio exercise that is a big requirement to build muscle.

If you do not burn your calories it will turn into fat, and this will make your muscles less visible. Instead of airing your frustration of how tiring circuit training is, learn to appreciate its effect on a long-term basis for your fitness goal.


If you want to gain strength and increase the mass of your muscles without getting tired too much, well conventional weight lifting is best for you. Unlike cardio exercise such as circuit training, you are focusing more on building the mass of your muscle and increase your strength by finishing the required set of a single workout routine. Usually, strength-building workout requires minimal sets that do not exceed to ten repetitions but the weight of the barbell or dumbbell is heavy. For muscle-building workouts, it requires the person to complete several sets that have 10 or more repetitions with a not so heavy load. Also, weight lifting has a longer rest period compared to circuit training.

In terms of general fitness, there is no need to compare circuit training and weight lifting, instead, do both of these types of workouts to fully maximize your cardio, your strength, and build more muscles at the same time burn fat. In fact, people who successfully reached their fitness goal utilizes both circuit training and weight lifting in their daily workout routine.

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