What type of gym equipment fits all ages?

When you are a fitness pro, there will be times that you forget that clients are terrified of equipment. You can have heavyweights and the latest gadgets to stay in the game. And using tough exercise machines can scare most of them. When your gym is using basic equipment and the users have less experienced, they will try to look for another gym that has the good gear to use. It will be better to use exercise equipment that can cater to and attract customers. To choose the best exercise equipment for beginners you have to ask about their goals. Some people are going to LSG Fitness because they want to gain weight or maintain their physical appearance. These are the things that are essential to use when you go to a gym.

Training bench

Training bench is ideal for beginners and it is a type of equipment that gives purpose to them. It is used when you are doing weight training exercises or sit-ups. When you are uncomfortable using the backrest you can adjust it to your liking. You will find different types of benches online. But you have to ensure that it is a durable and adjustable bench.


For those that like to lose weight, they can use a treadmill. It is a type of machine that is good for cardio exercise. It needs to have a variety of inclines and speeds and can monitor your heart rate. And you can look for other machines that can give you virtual tracks or add-ons when you like to spend more.


Stationary bicycle

A stationary bicycle is ideal for cardiovascular training. It is the choice when you are working for your cardiovascular endurance. The good thing about using this bike is it gives you a low0impact to get your heart rate elevated.

Rowing machine

A rowing machine can give you a total body workout, especially a strong aerobic workout. When you compare it to a treadmill and bike it focuses more on your lower body and it will give you a whole-body workout. When you like to have a whole-body workout to burn calories, you can use a rowing machine to get a cardio exercise.


Ellipticals are protecting your knees, ankles, and back. It is necessary when you are thinking about seniors that are using the gym as they can protect their joints. Using the elliptical pedals, rowing machine, or stationary road bike allows you to work out without damaging your joints. It is ideal for people that have osteoarthritis or lower-limb discomfort.

Dumbbell set

One of the essential sets that most people use in the gym. The set is ranging from light to heavy for everyone can use it. Dumbbells come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. It will depend on what style you like for a set. You also need to have a rack to save space.

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