What is the IPL hair removal procedure?

IPL refers to intense pulsed light. It utilizes strong light rays for the treatment of different dermatological ailments and it provides a beneficial standard of the hair removal technique. Initially, IPL was formulated and utilized for cosmetic and medical objectives only till it was established that other than aiding a skin ailment, it also left the patients with less hair on the area that is treated with affordable ipl service Singapore.

Subsequently, investigations were conducted to assess the potency of the IPL hair removal technique with the initial IPL Hair Reduction System authorized for usage in the middle of the 1990s.

The first appliances were utilized by clinicians and they employed virtually unfiltered rays that oversaw undesirable side effects and elevated discomfort levels.

Besides, outcomes were unpredictable and periodically disappointing for a highly costly treatment like this.

How does Intense Pulsed Light Work on the skin?

IPL utilizes full-spectrum light and low-range radiation to reduce the dark tint known as melanin that originates in hair and skin and it originates in elevated concentration in the root of the hair strand.

The measurement unit for the wavelength of infrared radiation and light is referred to as nanometers, each nm is almost identical to one billionth of a single meter. As mentioned earlier filters are utilized to obstruct the most harmful light wavelengths and a large wavelength is commonly utilized between 500  to 1200 nm.

When the light gets consumed by the pigment near the hair origin, heat gets produced which erodes the papilla that penetrates the hair shaft. This results in the hair to alleviate, usually after 1 or 2 weeks post the treatment.

The goal is to perpetually harm the hair strand adequately to deter hair growth. This makes IPL only desirable for those who have a decent discrepancy between the skin tone and the hair tone.

If you have light skin and darker hair, you are an ideal aspirant for this kind of hair removal technique. If you have a dark skin tone, then the threat of the skin soaking up the light and resulting in burning is way greater.

Hair color is a crucial factor too, IPL may not be helpful for someone with blonde, light, grey, white and red hair.

Is IPL hair removal and Laser hair removal the Same

Precisely speaking, IPL and laser both utilize light to target the melanin for the procedure of hair removal. They are always lumped jointly, however they are quite different.

IPL utilizes large spectrum light, laser is way more targeted. It uses a certain light wavelength and pulse length. It depends on the skin type and hair category of the person being dealt with.

Many of the home devices use IPL technology. A significant anomaly being the prominent Tria 4X, on the other hand, laser hair removal treatment is commonly employed in salons.

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