Dandruff Treatment – Discover Effective Methods to Improve Your Head Skin

Dandruff affects 50% of the world’s adult population (can occur in infants too), is one of the common problems affecting an individual’s social and physical behavior. It is sometimes called a scarf, a skin disorder that builds up during regeneration of the scalp’s skin.

As embarrassing as it is, even the mildest case of scalp itchiness and flaky dry skin called dandruff is an awful experience to have. With dandruff flakes, they may sometimes be visible in your hair if bad enough, but the worst is when the flakes of skin fall onto your clothes, being very visible to others, all on your shoulders and arms of your clothing.

What are the Causes of Dandruff?

Dandruff is a common problem caused by the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. It can range from mild and temporary flaking to very large flakes shedding from the scalp all through the year. Although not contagious or serious, it can lead to physiological problems like hair loss, itchy scalp, and redness of scalp and psychological issues like stress, lowering of self-esteem and depression.

Dandruff can be triggered by several conditions and can be temporary, appearing only during extreme winters or can be a permanent condition lasting for years. Though one single condition cannot be pointed out, the below few are common causes for dandruff

  • Dry skin
  • Unclean scalp and hair
  • Not brushing the hair often
  • Usage of certain hair care products
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis which is an inflammatory disorder
  • Being sensitive to yeast
  • Extreme stress can trigger dandruff
  • Diet – an imbalance in nutrients can trigger the condition

The major symptoms of dandruff are:

  • The appearance of white flakes and clumps all over the scalp and in between the hair
  • Itching and burning sensation
  • The appearance of red, greasy, flaky lesions
  • The sore feeling of the scalp
  • Scaling and crusting patches (cradle cap in children)

Ayurveda Dandruff treatment

Ayurveda medicine for dandruff cure has been found remarkable confidence amongst the users affected with dandruff. Ayurveda treatments are generally safe with absolutely no side effects and have been found to be effective in curing dandruff. Rasyog Ayurveda treatment is proved to be very effective as they help in stimulating the hair growth.

Ayurveda medicine also helps with hair re-growth they help increase blood flow and circulation to the blood so that essential nutrients are transported to the roots for healthier growth. Ayurveda also has healing elements that help us produce the necessary proteins for healthy growth. Ayurveda has also shown good results in natural hair re-growth. Ayurveda is a hair loss herb that heals and conditions damaged scalp, promotes the growth of thicker stronger hair, and also prevents dandruff. It is also believed to be an excellent skin and blood cleaner,

Ayurveda is a good scalp restorer and moisturizer it is also used against dandruff, eczema, seborrhea, and psoriasis for hypoallergenic skins. Ayurveda is a great dandruff treatment used in Indian for hair growth. It also shafts by repairing cuticles and sealing them, and also maintains well-conditioned and shiny hair while protecting it from breakage.

Dandruff is a fairly common skin condition and can be treated by using natural Ayurveda medicine or product. So, as soon as you notice any one or some of these Dandruff symptoms, consult Rasyog Ayurveda to find the actual reason for dandruff and use Ayurveda treatment to get cured.

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