Why cruelty-free method should be the standard in producing skincare and cosmetic products? Find out here.

The prevalence of animal testing for different products is still widely practiced in many industries around the world. The majority of these products are medicine and cosmetics where sadly millions of animals, birds, primates, dogs, cats, and rodents are frequently used for testing these products to ensure that it is safe for human consumption.

The bad thing is that, these animals are being tested cruelly knowing that these products have harmful side effects because of the chemical used to make it which results to the death of millions of animals who have not even seen the sunlight their entire lives as they are locked in cages and are constantly being tested inside laboratories just for the sake of human consumption.

Over the years, the importance of products that are made certified as cruelty-free has been growing bigger as many global brands and companies have pledged to stop using animals for testing.

Cruelty-free products are as good as products that used animals for testing. In fact, it even has more benefits and lesser side effects than the products that came from brands that still practice this cruel method in manufacturing their products. To give you more reasons to patronize cruelty-free skincare products, check out the rest of this post courtesy of the best cruelty free skincare australia has.

best cruelty free skincare australia

  1. Cruelty-free skincare products and cosmetics are less toxic– This is because the ingredients used by these products are cruelty-free, it has proven to have safety records, and you are less likely to have negative side effects on your skin. To add more, a lot of cruelty-free brands that offer green products that free from chemicals have already been proven by many testimonies of customers.
  2. Local businesses and independent brands manufacture cruelty-free products– You can actually contribute this great cause by patronizing on smaller local businesses and independent brands that do not entirely use animals to test their products. There are a lot of hand-made, as well as hand-crafted and great quality cosmetics and skincare products that you can purchase and support. These are intricately made to make sure that it has no bad side effects on your skin compared to the mass-produced products that use animals for testing for faster results.
  3. Animal testing is not required to manufacture products– It is actually an option for a company to use animals for testing and it is not because they are required to do so. Animal testing in skin care products and cosmetic products is not required by the law in many developed countries around the world. These companies cruelly test animals just to prove that their products meet the standards of the industry, however, there are many alternative ways that they can prove their products’ quality aside from testing it to animals.
  4. The tests are just plainly cruel and painful– A lot of animals are commonly and cruelly used for testing where the majority of them are for skin care and cosmetic products. These testing usually kills the animals knowing that these products are made from different chemicals and substances. Just imagine the suffering these animals have to go through for the sake of human consumption.

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