Advanced Fillers and Laser Treatments can Successfully Prevent Acne Scars

Do you know the name of a skin condition that affects almost 80% of the entire population, which has several types, leads to serious emotional disorders and consists of four letters? If you guessed that the skin condition was acne, then you are right. Although the causes of acne are quite difficult to treat, dermatologists are currently using laser technology to stop and prevent acne scars caused by severe acne.

The most commonly diagnosed skin condition.

This is not surprising acne, and since it can cause serious emotional upsets in humans, it only feeds patients who consult dermatologists across the country. Although studies have shown that acne is not caused by lifestyle factors such as stress or diet, patients continue to blame themselves for acne problems. Instead, acne is actually caused by factors such as excessive production of oil, bacteria, and hormones.

Acne is found in areas of the skin that have a large number of sebaceous follicles, responsible for producing oil, which are actually excessive. These areas include the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and upper back. These follicles, unfortunately, are clogged due to excessive oil production, and acne and acne are formed from sebaceous follicles. In addition, after a pimple or white pimple explodes, the infected substance contained in the follicle oozes around the surrounding skin. If an infection develops, it eventually creates a well-known pimple. In some cases, if the zit is significantly infected, it becomes a cyst. Ultimately, if left untreated, these cysts heal and create an acne scar after the outbreak disappears.

Gaga used fillers and laser treatments

Traditionally, oral and topical medications have been used to fight acne, but, unfortunately, the results were different and not always successful. However, a dermatologist can now add non-ablative laser technology to his list of tools used to combat acne and, more importantly, prevent acne scars.

The main advantage of using lady Gaga used fillers and laser treatments is the ability to erase acne without causing damage to the epidermal layer of the skin, compared to its ablative ancestors. Non-ablative laser technology actually works by acting on the sebaceous glands. The laser produces a powerful wavelength of light that is absorbed by the skin and water present in the skin. This creates a higher level of heat in the sebaceous glands. Using a laser to slightly damage the sebaceous gland, the treatment actually affects the glands, reducing their ability to produce oil, thereby reducing the likelihood of acne.


Sessions of non-ablative laser therapy take an average of 5 to 20 minutes. Before treatment, local anesthesia will be applied to the treatment area; The only sensation the patient feels are a slight burning sensation that lasts an instant. Then ice will be applied to the patient to ease the remaining pain. To effectively remove acne scars, the patient will need from three to five monthly procedures.

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