A Simple Guide To Use Melanotan – The Different Types Of Dosages

If you are struggling to stay under the harsh rays of the sun for hours just to achieve the tan that you have been dreaming of, then stop stressing yourself. Now, there are more convenient ways to achieve a tan. Lovemelanotan offers Melanotan. This is a peptide that is specifically designed to stimulate your body’s response to UV ray exposure. If this interests you, then here’s everything that you need to know about Melanotan.

Benefits Of Using Melanotan

There are three amazing benefits that you can get from using Melanotan. One of the best benefits is that with Melanotan, you will have lesser UV exposure. Though using Melanotan is not completely sunless, but the time that you have to spend under the harsh rays of the sun is much lesser. Because of this, you will have no risk of skin damage. Not only because you are not exposed to much to the sun’s rays, but also because Melanotan contains skin damage protection. Lastly, Melanotan promises you longer effects. You don’t have to use other methods that can only last for days.

This You Need Before Using Melanotan

Melanotan is done through injection. So you will need insulin syringe – 100 IU and 10 IU. You will need to reconstitute 10 mg of peptide powder so you will need 1ml or 100 IU of sterile water. Then, this liquid will become 0.1 ml or 10 IU concentration. Since you have the concentrate ready, dosing will be the next thing to learn.

Simple Guide To Use Melanotan

Different Doses To Be Familiar With

Now that you know how to prepare the Melanotan concentrate, it is time to learn about the different doses that you have to be familiar with. There are three different doses to learn – starting dose, loading dose, and maintenance dose.

  • Starting Dose. This first dose should be as little as 0.3 mg. You have to start small so that you will be able to gauge how your body would react with the product. If you start with a larger dosage, you might feel side effects where your body starts to warm up, nausea, and a flushed face.
  • Loading Dose. This is not that important, but if you want to achieve faster results, then you have to do a loading dose. The typical loading dose is 0.5 mg once a day until you achieve your desired results. Remember that loading dose may vary for each person. The amount will depend on the body weight, skin type, and other factors.
  • Maintenance Dose. Once you achieved your desired tan, you still have to continue using Melanotan. The dosage would be much lesser this time. However, there is no definite amount when it comes to the maintenance dose. You have to do trial and error until you find the perfect dosage and frequency for you. Generally, when your loading dose is at 0.5 mg, then your maintenance would be 1mg once a week.

The Need For UV Rays Exposure

As mentioned above, the use of Melanotan is not completely sunless. You still have to expose your skin under the rays of the sun, but the need would be not as much as those who are not using the product.

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