Why You Should Get Yearly Check-ups

Annual Check-ups are essential to know how your health is going. Most importantly, it helps prevent you from getting sick, or at least treat you if you already have an underlying condition. There are many benefits to getting regular check-ups, and the benefits should convince you to schedule an appointment with a forest hill medical center for your next visit.

The Importance of Check-Ups

Knowing what your condition helps eliminate potential health risks, or treats them while they are still manageable. Knowing these things is important because the chances of you getting better are higher than leaving your health alone.  You need to disclose with your doctor your previous health and family history, as well as your lifestyle. These are some of the critical factors which you have to consider in your check-ups. Here are some of the things your health service provider can help you with:

  • Living a longer life;
  • A healthier disposition;
  • Fewer complications.

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Benefits of Check-ups

It can’t be denied that there are many benefits to getting an annual check-up, although it may be pricey at times. But definitely, the benefits outweigh the cons. Having a regular check-up has the following benefits:

  • Lower health cost – check-ups lessens the likelihood of you getting a severe condition, which could be dangerous. You can save up on medical expenses such as surgeries or other ailments.
  • Risk Prevention – undeniably, one of the benefits of annual check-ups is preventing any risks from happening. The screening can depend on your age, sex, history, and lifestyle.
  • Identify stress-related diseases – some people develop ailments arising from stress, and these conditions are usually preventable. Increase in pressure and anxiety significantly contributes to

Avoiding Physical Check-Ups

If you think you don’t need an annual physical check-up, then think again. You can always defer your check-up, but be mindful of the following:

  • If you’re someone less than 30 years old, an annual check-up isn’t necessary. However, if you’re overweight, smoke, or sexually active, then you need to start getting yearly check-ups as you’re exposed to many disease risk factors.
  • Ages between 30 to 40 are recommended to get a check-up every year. For women, an annual mammogram is recommended.
  • Ages 50 and up are required to get physical check-ups every year. Both men and woman have to prioritize getting screened for colon cancer.

You may think that annual check-ups are just a routine, but this routine can save you and help maintain your health. Knowing what you may be at risk for is better than being afflicted with the condition that’s too late to resolve. Forest Hill Medical Center is always at your service, to help reach your health’s maximum potential.

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