The Incredible Effects of Tibetan Healing Bowls

Tibetan healing bowls or singing bowls have been used for centuries. They are a type of bowl that vibrates and produces a unique sound. These bowls are used as a form of alternative medicine, as they promote relaxation and offer incredible healing powers. Buddhist monks have been using Tibetan healing bowls to help them reach a deep state of meditation. A range of other wellness consultants also use them for healing.

What are they used for?

People use Tibetan healing bowls for many different things, they are said to promote healing and reduce stress. They are also good for pain relief as they promote healing and stop injuries from getting worse. You’ll find that most people use healing bowls with other healing practices, such as massage, deep breathing and different forms of meditation.

Healing bowls work by giving off a vibration that promotes healing in your body. They are similar to crystals and stones as they produce a natural vibration that is said to harmonise your cells and encourage homeostasis. Tibetan singing bowls have been known to balance the body’s energy system and improve the immune system.


There are many benefits to using Tibetan singing bowls, especially in combination with other wellness practices like meditation. Although there hasn’t been a huge amount of study on the positive effects of singing bowls, most of the research seems to suggest that they have several benefits.

A study carried out in the US suggests that people with chronic back pain could benefit greatly from regular sessions with singing bowls. The results showed that they felt less pain and some of the participants systolic blood pressure also dropped. This was mainly in the members of the group who gave a high reading at the beginning of the study.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Where to Purchase a Tibetan Singing Bowl

If you don’t live near a wellness shop and you can’t find any store which sells Tibetan singing bowls, you’ll probably have to look online. Buying this product online is fairly simple, it can be ordered from any country in the world. If you’d like to receive your Tibetan healing bowl without delay, it is recommended that you buy it from a recognised company in Australia.

You’ll find that some Tibetan healing bowls are sold at meditation centres and music shops, but most of the time these places won’t have a very large selection on offer. If you get the chance to test a Tibetan singing bowl, you should listen for a rich, deep tone when you play the instrument. Any expert will tell you that a Tibetan healing bowl tends to give off high-quality vibrations if you are dealing with a first-class product.

Although there isn’t a huge amount of research to back up claims that Tibetan singing bowls promote healing and help people to manage stress, some of the studies carried out have shown that they are effective and beneficial in many ways. They are great for integrating into meditation or deep breathing sessions, helping to control anxiety, depression and negative thoughts.

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