What types of sports injuries are there?

Physical activity has far more positive effects on health than it involves risks – this has been scientifically proven. An important aspect of the sport is to challenge your body and thereby promote it. Occasionally, the limits of personal resilience are exceeded. This can lead to injuries.

Around 200,000 sports accidents occur in some countries every year. Most sports injuries affect the legs, arms, and head. Sport is the number one cause of recreational accidents in people up to the age of 30. In relative terms, sports injuries become rarer with age. In many sports ( e.g. Football, Mountain biking) men injure themselves more often than women.

Typical sports injuries are:

Bruises: In one Bruised there is a bruise between the bone and periosteum that is often invisible from the outside; at a Muscle contusion the bruise develops in the muscle tissue. The cause is direct violence, such as a kick on the shin, a fall on the ribs or a “body check” ice Hockey.

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Sprains: This is a joint moved beyond the normal range of motion, the consequences are strains and possibly fibre tears in the affected Tapes and joint capsule. During sport, sprains occur, for example, from “knuckling” while running or jumping.

Pulls: A pull is also caused by an unphysiological, excessive movement ( e.g. stretching, twisting, jerky contraction), ligaments, tendons or may be affected Muscles. A typical course of injury is, for example, a quick sprint or an abrupt change between accelerating and braking ( e.g. when Tennis).

Ruptures: Ruptures are tears in a tissue, e.g. in a tendon, muscle or ligament. They can be caused by direct violence ( e.g. by a blow or kick) or by indirect violence ( e.g. twisting, jerky movement) as well as by overloading. Common sports injuries are Cruciate ligament tear, Meniscus injections or Ruptured muscle fibres.

Broken bones: The cause can be direct ( e.g. blow or fall) or indirect force ( e.g. twisting) on ​​the bone. There are different types of broken bones. More on the subject: Broken bones

Many athletes ignore the body’s warning signals and fail to recognize that targeted training includes targeted recovery. Also taking medication up to  Doping can impair resilience, coordination and responsiveness and damage health at sports injury clinic singapore.

These are some types of commonly occurring injuries in the sports field and therefore one should be a little cautious of all these.

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