NormaTec Compression Therapy: Treatment, Benefits & Side Effects!

Are you feeling sore caused due to chronic pain or injury from a workout? If yes, here are few facts to know about NormaTec Compression. NormaTec was invented by a physician and bioengineer, Laura F. Jacob in 1998 with the objective of treating circulation related disorders, non-invasively; particularly for elite athletes.

It is most effective for Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS), caused due to excessive strain on the skeletal muscles particularly during eccentric exercises.

After an exercise, the internal milieu of your body is disrupted because of depletion in muscles and blood pH and concentration of blood sugar and muscle glycogen level.  The NormaTec therapy aims at returning the disrupted internal environment to homeostatic levels so that you can perform with maximal effort in subsequent exercise sessions.


Athletes, whether elite or recreational, are subjected to fatigue that leads to soreness, stiffness, and pain. The dynamic compression of the lower extremities enhances their rhetorical properties without having to go in for expensive bodywork, extreme temperature or stretching.

  • Soreness and Cramping after Workout
  • Recovery of injuries
  • Treatment of acute and chronic injuries
  • Rehabilitation of Post-surgery
  • Treatment of swelling and circulation issues like deep vein thrombosis and lymphedema
  • Varicose Veins


The NormaTec compression provides a therapeutic and controlled pneumatic compression to your fatigued limbs and revives your legs, making ready for the next competition practice. Additionally, it enhances the flexibility and thixotropic properties of your muscle. You will have reduced leg agitation while sleeping.

  • Enhances pressure to a pain threshold
  • Regulates PGC-1A and eNOS protein and NOx concentration in vastus lateralis in human muscle tissues
  • Enhances flexibility of lower extremities
  • Improves the functions of peripheral conduit and resistance artery
  • Faster Recovery and better performance
  • Relieving pains on your legs, arms and hips
  • Decreased swelling, soreness and pain

Modus Operandi

You need to put the attachments in the shape of sleeves that resemble a larger version of blood pressure cuff, on your legs, arms or hips.  The sleeves have chambers that are attached to pump and control unit. The chambers are programmed to offer sequential pulsating compression to a particular area.

The lightweight control unit sends up to 100 mmHg of compression into for massaging your limbs, mobilizing fluid and providing faster recovery. While using the system, you will first experience a pre-inflated cycle because the connected attachments moulded to the exact shape and size of the related limbs.

The system then compresses the limbs in a pulsing manner and then releases and does the function of stroking and kneading, as done in manual massaging.


  1. Pulsing: The Sequential Pulse Technology uses dynamic compression, or pulsing enhances the movement of fluid and metabolites it out of your limbs
  2. Gradients: This technique holds pressure for keeping the pressure from being forcibly channelled into the wrong direction and delivers maximum pressure in every zone.
  3. Distal release: It releases the hold pressure to every zone immediately allowing the maximum rest time without much pause between compression cycles.

No side effects have been reported on this treatment.

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