What is the best way to use Dihydromyricetin?

When someone is suffering from alcohol hangover, toxicity, dehydration, and sleep deprivation, then that person can look forward to consuming Dihydromyricetin. This supplement is highly useful because it reduces fatigue and uses body energy to create balance. If you want to buy this supplement, then you should know about its usage first. How and when should you consume it? What is the right time to take it?

Dosage of DHM

It is necessary that one should take the right dose of this supplement so that it will be effective as well as safe. One can take around 300mg to 1000 mg of dosage as per the requirement. There are some people who can also tolerate up to 3000 mg of DHM but it all depends upon your body requirement. You shouldn’t take more than 1000mg of DHM otherwise it might have some side-effects. Acidity can make things worse and therefore, you shouldn’t take it in huge amounts. Consulting your physician will be best to avoid any difficulty.

The right time to take DHM


If you want to take DHM, then you should have it before drinking alcohol or you can also drink it after having last alcohol drink. DHM will start its work when you will be sleeping and then adverse effects of alcohol will be cleared soon. Acetaldehyde is the body increases when you consume alcohol and that’s why Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is required to clear it out. If your liver or stomach is under stress after having food, then also you can take this supplement to ensure proper digestion.

What are the side-effects of DHM?

Before you plan to include DHM as a major supplement in your daily life, you should know about its side-effects. Just like drugs, it also has some side-effects if taken in high doses. It is extracted from the Hovenia Dulcis tree found in China and Korea. DHM is the only supplement that helps in treating alcohol hangover and doesn’t cause many side-effects. One can take around 20 to 30 per kg according to body weight to ensure its non-toxic. So, it is obvious that one will face side-effects if it is taken in a high amount.

If you are taking any other medicines, then you should consult your doctor before ordering DHM 303-98-0 supplement at your home. You can order this supplement from from where you can find the best quality of product at reasonable prices.

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