Tips to Avoid Food Born Illnesses

Foods hygienic become an important factor to give a quality of life. There is a specific food that could cause an illness because it carries an agent to trigger body symptom and cause sickness. This article will give simple precautions steps to ensure all of your food is qualified and some tips of how to avoid food born illnesses.

1. Ensure your food is free from bacteria

There are two common food bacteria that could cause outbreaks, e.g.: Escherichia Coli and Salmonella Poona. Health issue recorded that there was a contaminated cucumber outbreaks in California and other states, caused 232 people sick because of this contaminated cucumber. So first tip is to ensure you have no food born illnesses caused by bacteria.

One way to check it is by using Clear Lab, they has a sophisticated system and technology that could help you to identify and give you alert when there is an indicator of this bacteria contamination. Thus will give you a precaution to consume or buy related tested food products.

foodborne illness

2. Free from toxic or contaminated ingredients

Possibility of toxic or contaminated ingredients added during process of manufacturing, distributing or retailing might be happened. Therefore, certain food safety check should be accomplished in every food supply chain to ensure every transaction is free from unidentified additional ingredient. Food industries have a tight quality inspection to ensure hygienic food could be serving to customers specially to prevent an outbreaks condition. FDA has released a list of allergen ingredient, and Clear Lab test shown that combination of this list and NGS technology would give report and define next action.

3. Plant or Animal Carrier

There are certain plants or animal that carries bacteria, make it really matter to check if your favorite food contain this carrier. For example, a cucumber might carrier Salmonella Poona since harvesting; make it difficult to be contained since it might also affect overall plantation products. Food safety technology developed a complete list of genome related to plant or animal carrier that helps us to identify in more detail information.

After you acknowledge some factors that caused outbreaks illness such as common food that carry a bacteria, toxic or contaminated ingredients, and plant or animal carrier., then you could consider to have more service from food hygienic test, for example from Clear Lab. It gives you one option to ensure your food is hygienic and in a good quality. Adulteration, toxic, or contamination might be prevented through several checks. Furthermore, you can use the analysis result to improve your quality and give a better result. Check more frequent and observe because each sample would lead to different response.

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