Foot Clinic for Healthy Feet

If you look at the foot anatomy of a human being, it is a composition of bones, tendons, joints, muscles, and ligaments. All these are structured to enable the foot to support the body weight. The foot is vital in providing balancing for the body’s weight on two legs and maintain an upright posture. This fact, emphasizes the need for strong, subtle muscles which help keep the foot standing firm even in case of a shift in the body’s weight to different angles and postures.

Foot problem is a common illness in many parts of the world. It ranges from many foot conditions such as claw and mallet toes, blisters, athlete’s foot, bunions, corns and calluses, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, toenail fungus, and heel spurs to mention a few. These conditions develop due to the simple but normal wear and tear, neglect and or use of un-fitting shoes. They can also result from diseases such as gout which attacks the foot joints.

foot clinic

Foot clinic who are specialists in foot problems has given a great insight into finding solutions for foot problems. Claw toe is a condition that causes all the toes apart from the big toe to curve downward at the middle part of the joints and curve upwards at the tail end joints where toes join the foot. Damage to nerves mainly causes it because of wearing tight shoes. Mallet toe results from arthritis where the last joint of the toe bulges forming painful corn near the nail. Heel pains is also another common soft tissue foot problem. It is caused by fracturing or tripping among many other factors. With their highly qualified Podiatrists, they conduct correct and accurate diagnosis to patients to identify the problem. Then an effective treatment and therapy are recommended and administered to correct the condition and ease the pain.

Foot posture is also a specialty of Foot clinic practices. Most times lower back pains and pain in the lower limbs is mainly attributed to poor foot posture and functionality. An altered foot posture can also cause strains and injuries in a human body. It also negatively affects the ability to walk or run efficiently. To solve this problem quickly, proper assessments, hands-on therapy and exercises which improves on foot functionality, posture and overall performance. Foot clinic has also delved into bone problems which are mainly because of exposure to too much pressure or ankle and leg injuries. Hip, knee and back pains are also associated with bone problems that affect feet alignment.

The foot clinic, is a specialized team of great podiatrists, a state of the art diagnostic equipment’s and the facility offers people with foot problems an effective treatment and a long-lasting solution. Their mantra which is “feel fantastic from the feet up” says it all. Quality is a package in the care every person who visits them receives.

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