Myths Before Buying Custom Insoles Singapore

Getting insoles is not something to be ashamed of for sure. It is something that everyone needs to ensure that they keep their feet safe. Usually, they are inserted within shoes and some people prefer them to be kept inside their socks. It does not matter where it is kept as long as it can serve its purpose after all, especially when you buy custom insoles singapore.

But there are a few myths you need to know about these insoles before you start using them. these are not to scare you, but rather to make sure you are aware of the facts.

Soft Insoles Are The Best

custom insoles singapore

Everyone thinks that having the softest insoles is the best for your feet, especially the ones kept inside your shoes. But this is far from the actual truth. Soft insoles are not only bad but also have an adverse effect on your feet. whatever the problem was, it only makes it worse and allows the situation to grow.

This is not what you want from these insoles after all. so look for the ones that are not too soft and neither too hard. It should be a definite mixture of hard and soft structures to provide the best support.

Epitome Of Comfort

This is also another myth that people tend to easily believe in when they buy insoles. It does not provide you comfort, especially when you first insert it into your shoes. Their sole purpose is foot correction and this will take a lot of effort. It is often compared to how braces work for teeth.

Yes, there will be pressure applied on certain parts of your feet to remove the flat foot condition. This is considered anatomical perfection and something that everyone aims for when they buy insoles. Getting this perfection is not as easy as you thought.

Only For Athletic Shoes

Again a false claim when it comes to insoles. If they were only for athletic sports shoes, then what about the common men that have been wishing to correct their condition. Usually, insoles are not specific for a type of shoe and never have been. They are customized based on your foot size and the severity of your flat foot.

Yes, it is really not necessary to change your shoes to insert insoles. In fact, most athletic shoes come with natural insoles and do not need another one.

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