Monitoring the Baby in mother’s Womb


Pregnancy, one of the most joyful event in every women’s life comes with a lot of twist and turns. Along with infinite joy it also gives a lot of pain. Contraction is one of the most important characteristics that happens towards the ending of the gestation. This is the signal of good news which marks upon the arrival of the child. However there are many types of contraction happening throughout the ending phase. Some may be false and some may be real. However whether true or real each one has got its own set of significance that has to noted and taken care upon as well.

Contraction Timer

Contraction occurs because of the release of contraction specific hormone that causes the uterus to contract. This contraction helps in dilating the cervix and helping the baby to push towards the periphery through the birth canal. Baby Contraction timer is a new software that helps in keeping proper record of the contraction. It keeps day to day record of length and time period of the contraction. They are very user friendly in nature also. Simple steps are there to operate them.

Steps to operate-

 baby growth video

  1. When sudden feeling of abdominal contraction starts the ‘Start’ buttons should be pressed.
  2. As the contraction ends, the timer should be stopped.
  • While experiencing continuous five contractions, the frequency and the length of those should be noted and also the time interval in between each contraction should be counted.

Significance of record keeping

By using contraction timer we can keep the record of this event that can notify us about the expected delivery date. And it will help to differentiate between false and true contraction. It is very easily available in google play store and also for iOS system to be downloaded and operated. One can also buy a timer and keep a notebook for record keeping.

Pregnancy Calendar

For proper information we can also keep the calendar of pregnancy week by week so that we can get proper insights of all the events that is happening and also the future events also.Each and every week of pregnancy guide includes description of baby’s growth and development, along with the changes occurring in the, other’s body. The calendar also comprises of a lot of important medical information’s that will be very helpful to the mother and also the baby healthy.The calendar gives a detailed info about the trimesters.

  • First trimester starts from week no. 1 until the end of week no. 12.
  • Second trimester starts from week no. 13 and extends up to week no. 26.
  • The last or the third trimester starts from week no. 27 and extends until the end of pregnancy.

Thus noting this trimester and monitoring each and every week is very important as to watch virtually rather feel the growth of the body is too exciting for every mother.


Being pregnant is one of the most exciting time in every woman’s life. Each and every one should have a proper and detailed information about pregnancy as it will give full information about the journey of the change of the body from conception towards the end of nine months.

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