Perfection for the Best CBD Works

The CBD is fashionable. If in the 90s the companies of then competed to obtain the variety with more THC, now they compete for more narcotic varieties, that is to say, with a higher content in CBD. We do not know if the reason is that cannabis consumers have become so tired of “rising” (THC concentrations in Dutch marijuana have dropped since 2005 to 0.22% per year 16). In case you visit you will be much enriched.

The Marketing Options

In the marketing campaigns of the industry, attributing the medicinal effects of cannabis to the CBD, to a simple reflection of the market in which the consumer wants to be a varied product, it provides different experiences based on what he or she looks for in each specific moment , to a mixture of everything, or even for any other reason. Another of these reasons is the fashion of CBD oils, most of which, despite not being labeled, also contain quantities of THC susceptible to do, for example, that a consumer is positive in a saliva test of traffic Oils, on the other hand, whose legality is more than doubtful for reasons in which we will not enter.

The Right Options

The CBD has an action still not entirely known about the endocannabinoid system. So much so that, depending on where we read, we will find different mechanisms of action in which some articles address mechanisms of action that other articles do not embrace, on the contrary.

So we leave the reader to be the one who seeks for himself what is the mechanism of action of the CBD. A recent review, cited above 17, on the possible role of the CBD as an anti-addictive drug, after reviewing said mechanism of action, concludes that “the CBD has been associated with many neuronal circuits involved in the acquisition of addiction and subsequent drug search behaviors, which is why it is an interesting pharmacological candidate for the treatment of substance use disorders.”

Perfect Choices here

There is only one work in which the role of the CBD has been investigated as a treatment for the addiction to smoking tobacco. In a pilot clinical study (a pilot study is a study with a small number of individuals in order to prove a work hypothesis before moving to a larger sample and therefore more economically costly), blind double (nor researchers nor do patients know who receives treatment or another), randomized (patients randomly assigned to a type of treatment), placebo-controlled (the active drug is compared to an inactive drug), the effectiveness of the CBD was compared with a placebo in the treatment of tobacco addiction.

24 consumer smokers were recruited from more than 10 cigarettes per day and they were provided with an inhaler so that they would be used every time they wanted to smoke. For 12 (6 women) participants, the inhaler contained CBD and the other 12 (6 women) placebo. The treatment lasted one week.

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