Guidance on Choosing the Best when Faced with Emergency Dental Conditions

Is It Better to Go to a Dental Clinic or an Office?

Many patients have this question: what is the difference between a dental office and a dental clinic? Here are some of these differences for your familiarity:

A dental office is a place where a dentist works with an assistant in a room and a unit (dental chair). The dentist provides only a certain part of dental services, and in other parts that he does not specialize in, he refers the patient to other colleagues outside the office. For example, to refer to emergency work in the field of dentistry, you should refer to the emergency dental office.

As a dentist at an emergency dental clinic in Woodbridge defines, a dental clinic is a place where all dental services are provided at once by different doctors, and the patient no longer needs to go outside of that place for part of his dental services. It’s like several dental offices that include emergency services, beauty services, general services, etc., are integrated in one place, and all dental specialties are in one place.

With these Interpretations, which One Is the Best Choice?

Dental clinics on a larger and usually government scale are called dental clinics, which have their characteristics. The best choice among the things mentioned above are dental clinics that provide dental services in an office setting. It is like you have visited a dental office with the same characteristics but with more dentists and units and equipment so that you can do all your dental service needs in the same place.

Treatment of Damaged Permanent Teeth in Emergencies

The most common type of injury to permanent teeth includes tooth crown fractures, displacements to the lip or tongue, loose teeth, and teeth coming out of the cavity. In cases of crown fracture with the remaining broken piece of tooth, it can be attached to the tooth with materials, so it is better to find the broken piece and keep it in a glass of water. Then, see your dentist immediately. In the case of a permanent crown fracture, even if there are no symptoms, you should see a dentist.

When the tooth is completely out of its socket, pick it up by holding the crown of the tooth. If the tooth is infected, wash it under water for 10 seconds and put it back into its cavity. If this is not possible, it is better to put the tooth in a glass of milk. Otherwise, place the tooth inside the mouth between the teeth and the child’s cheek and go to the dentist immediately. Time to get to the dentist is very important.

If you can get your child to the dentist within 30 minutes after the injury, the chance of success in treatment increases by about 90%. Even in cases where the tooth has been damaged, and none of the above cases are seen, it is necessary to see a dentist. Damage to the tooth nerve can cause its color to change within a few days or weeks.

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