100% THC-Free CBD: Shop Now!

When speaking about the CBD product line, you will come up with the respected CBD companies in the market. You will have a reputable Colorado-based company where CBD products are produced with zero-THC but only pure cannabidiol. Infinite CBD removes all the THC making the CBD oil all-natural cannabidiol. It undergoes multiple-steps processes to ensure that the oil is 100% THC-free.

Can the THC be removed from the CBD?

Yes, it is possible. However, it takes multiple steps processed to remove all the THC to make 100% THC-free CBD oil. CO2 extraction processes will do the part of removing the terpenes and cannabinoids. A solvent removal will take place after the initial extraction, a vacuum distillation process will be used. The process leaves a CBD mixture, terpenes, and cannabinoids with an amount of THC. Then, a chromatography technique will be used to remove any toxins and even any small trace of THC may remain. By the end of the process, even the strongest CBD oil will probably have zero THC left.

No “high” component

For consumers who want to make use of CBD oil for plainly medicinal purposes, they can have 100% THC-free CBD oil. The high effect of the cannabis plant is due to the THC component. Now, people who ask for free-THC oil are available. The CBD oil is produced and released in the market for consumers looking for a no-high effect of CBD oil. The psychoactive component that comes from THC is now removed making the CBD oil more friendly and safe. For customers that keep on asking if the CBD oil can be used for a pen, then the answer is now. It is sublingual and is not intended for vaping purposes.

Assurance of buying CBD oil

Yes, Infinite CBD makes sure that you have the assurance of buying an all-natural CBD oil product. So, there is no high effect as THC has been removed. Buying pure CBD oil is not impossible now. The high demand of customers made the company decide to produce THC-free product lines in the market. One big reason why the products are best-selling is easy-to-order and affordable prices. Plus, discounts and special gifts are offered for those who wanted to avail of these promos. The assurance of buying pure CBD oil is no longer a dream. Now, it is made possible by the company, to answer the needs of the consumers.

Is it safe?

It is a big yes for those who are asking if CBD oil is safe. Of course, the fact that it is made from the mother ingredient hemp plant. It is already disclosed around the world about the health benefits of the herbal plants. What makes the hemp plant not much safer is the other major component called THC.

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