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What is Testosterone Enanthate? A short Guide

Testosterone Enanthateisa prescribed drug used to increase the levels of testosterone in a person’s body. It is classified as an androgenic drug, i.e., drugs used to enhance secondary sexual characteristics or normal sexual growth in males. It is also classified as an anabolic steroid, i.e., steroids used to enhance muscle development and body growth.

Why are its medical uses?

As stated, Testosterone Enanthate is used to increase testosterone levels. There are various reasons why Testosterone levels might be low in someone’s body.

  • It might be genetic, i.e., natural delayed puberty. Many males go through delayed puberty, leading to decreased hormonal levels than they should be, and the drug helps bring the hormone levels back to normal.
  • After a certain age, the testosterone levels naturally decrease, leading to a low sex drive.
  • A condition called Hypogonadism when testosterone levels keep on decreasing, or there’s no secretion at all, can happen due to various reasons. Testosterone Enanthate can be used as a cure for the same.
  • It can also be used in postmenopausal women to prevent breast cancer cells’ formation or increase.


Except for just medical uses, Testosterone Enanthate offers various health benefits as well.

  • As mentioned above, it also acts as anabolic steroids. It helps in muscle building and gaining muscle mass. It helps increasing protein synthesis and also enables faster repair of the damaged muscles and tissues.
  • It helps to increase the RBC count and also helps in lowering the number of stress hormones.

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Side Effects and Risks

Though the steroid offers its sets of benefits, it can’t be neglected that several side effects come along with any drugs or steroids.

  • some common and mild side effects are caused and are curable. These include mood changes, changes in libido, headaches, hair thinning, weight gain, etc.
  • But certain effects are adverse and can happen due to overdosage of the drugs. These include clitoral enlargement, irregular periods for females. In men, it can lead to the formation of breasts or an increase in the size of the breast, male pattern baldness, and a few common effects for all genders may include depression. You can easily buy testosterone ethanoate online.

When should the drug not be consumed?

The drug should not be consumed. The person is already on some prescribed medications, and the doctor should be consulted before. A person with diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, and pregnant women should avoid any Testosterone Enanthate consumption. It can lower the blood sugar levels causing severe problems for diabetics people. If a person is allergic to compounds like sesame oil, he should avoid steroid consumption.

Where to buy it, and is it safe to use?

To say, to a larger extent, the use of Testosterone Enanthate should be safe if only used in proper dosages. Any excess use, misuse, or abuse can lead to unavoidable physical and mental problems. If one wants to use it, they can but only in certain dosages. To buy Testosterone Enanthate, check over here.

Testosterone Enanthate can be beneficial if one uses it for proper purposes. As mentioned, any misuse or abuse to keas to unavoidable circumstances. A prescription and a talk with the doctor can help prevent the development of any risk factors.

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