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The Best Smart Drugs That You Can Use

Smart drugs have created a lot of buzz, especially recently. Smart drugs are also known as nootropic drugs. These are the kind of drugs that would help you in being wakeful. People confuse them with stimulants, which is not the case. Smart drugs just help you beat lethargy and stay focused in your work. If you have overtime at your office or that pending assignment with the deadline being the next day, smart drugs can help you get your work done without falling asleep. There are a number of smart drugs available in the market. This might create a lot of confusion for you about which one to buy. Here’s a list of the best smart drugs that are available in the market.


Modafinil has become the most popular smart drug out of all nootropic drugs out there in the market. It has been reported that the quality of wakefulness that one would experience using modafinil feels very natural. The other benefits of having modafinil are an increased concentration and a better focus. It also makes you feel motivated to carry out mundane tasks. You can purchase modafinil online, as it is the best source or best place to buy modafinil with respect to price.


You can call adrafinil as the father of Modafinil since it came before modafinil. Adrafinil was used to treat patients with the condition of narcolepsy in the lab. While modafinil is a prescription drug, this one is a non-prescription drug. Once you have adrafinil, it is converted into modafinil by the liver and gives similar effects. But it is suggestible to have adrafinil only when you can’t get modafinil prescribed. This is because adrafinil has to be taken in heavy doses. The process of conversion of adrafnil into modafinil makes the liver secrete too much of enzymes.

The Best Smart Drugs That You Can Use


Choline is a natural component that humans need. It helps in making acetylcholine which in turn helps in controlling muscles and also has memory related functions. We derive the needed amounts of choline from our diet. Foods rich in choline are almonds. Acetylcholine helps in staying focused and enhances the levels of concentration. This is how when you take choline supplements, you are making yourself enter a state of wakefulness and high concentration levels. This helps you get your work done without sleeping off.


Piracetam is considered as the parent compound that was the first one developed out of all racetams. Besides modafinil, Piracetam is one of the most effective smart drugs which have no addictive effects. Having Piracetam will give you an increased memory, focus, and as a result a better learning. Pretty much like choline, Piracetam also improves the working of acetylcholine which affects our memory and focus. The side-effects are very mild, like any other smart drug. At most you would experience headaches or a nauseous feeling. Most of the times, Piracetam is taken with one of the choline supplements to witness enhanced results.

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