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CT Scan and all the facts about it

CT Scan is a kind of scan done to diagnose the ailments and diseases. We should be thankful for science that we have such technology that can help us in identifying health-related ailments in detail. In all over India, there are many CT Scan centres. Many people think that the CT Scan is similar to MRI only. But no, CT Scan uses different techniques and MRI used differently. However, both are used in diagnosing the health-related ailments only through the images captured using the different techniques. We will share with you more detailed info about CT Scan here.

Defining CT Scan

CT Scan is known as Computerized Tomography or in other words, it is also being said as CAT Scan. CT Scan works on the X-Rays and it also uses the computer system for producing the images in detail. CT Scan not just provides the 2-Dimensional Image of any part of the body. But it also can provide the 3-Dimensional Image, for more detailed observation. Let’s know how CT Scan is done and the purpose behind it.

Purpose of CT Scan

CT Scan is not limited to one use. Apart from diagnosing health-related problems, it has many other uses also. There are many CT Scan centres in Hyderabad, which provides the facility of doing all types of CT Scan. Below we have listed some uses of CT Scan.

  • It is used for diagnosing any kind of infections in different parts of your body.
  • For finding and diagnosing the tumors in the body, CT Scan is best. As it can help in knowing whether it is just a tumor or a cancerous tumor.
  • It is helpful in diagnosing the fractures and muscle disorders.
  • CT Scan can help in monitoring the heart-related problems like valve replacement surgery and coronary artery disease.
  • For the scanning of diseases related to the brain like hemorrhage, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, tumor, etc. doctors do CT Scan.
  • In case of accidents, CT Scan is helpful in knowing whether there are any internal injuries, or any internal bleeding is there or not.
  • For the medical issues related to the skeletal system like bone tumors, osteoporosis, and spinal cord injury, a CT Scan is helpful.
  • The patients who are undergoing the treatment related to heart, CT Scan helps in examining that whether the treatment is working or not. Similarly, in the case of Cancer treatment also, CT Scans are helpful in observing the treatment and the condition of the patient.
  • During the biopsies and surgeries also, CT Scan can be helpful in guiding.
  • Other than the above-mentioned uses, CT Scan can be done to determine and diagnose problems related to kidney, liver, lungs, etc.–
  • With the help of the CT Scan, the doctors can examine all the internal body structure of the patients.

Benefits of CT Scan

As now you know and understand the purpose of the CT Scan, so you must know the benefits of CT Scan also.

  • After the CT Scan tests get over, no radiation will remain in your body.
  • CT Scans can be done even if you have any medical device implanted in your body.
  • CT Scan assists doctors and surgeons in operating also by showing them the exact problem area.
  • Patient’s movement does not affect CT Scan much.
  • Different small and big diseases can be diagnosed using CT Scan test.

CT Scan Risk Factors

There are many people who have undergone this test, and as such there are no life-threatening risks attached to the same. But still, if you have doubts, it is better to get them clear with your doctor before the test. Here, we are indicating some minor risks which are associated with CT Scan.

  • During the pregnancy, getting the CT Scan tests done can create a problem for the fetus. So, it is advisable to consult your doctor before getting it done.
  • You may get some kind of allergic reactions because of CT Scan if you are allergic to any of the chemical used in the contrast.
  • Itchiness and rashes are also one of the side effects of CT Scan.
  • One may also feel a headache after the CT Scan test gets over.
  • Because of the presence of contrast in your body, your stomach may get upset. But do not worry, as the contrast gets flush out very soon from the body and then you will be fine.

What CT Scan results tell?

CT Scan provides the image of your body parts which needs to be examined. Your doctor or the radiologist will examine the report. If the scanner doesn’t detect any fracture, clotting, tumor, cancerous cells, or other such issues, then it means your CT Scan result is fine. But in case of detection of any of the above-mentioned problem or any other health problem, then you will have to go through more tests. You will also have to get the treatment done based on the health problem or disease.

CT Scan in India

To get your CT Scan test done in India, you need not worry. As in India, there are many hospitals which have the facility of CT Scan Test. Especially in the south, there are some reputed hospitals which can help you in getting the test done. You can find the hospital for best CT Scan in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. If in case you have some serious medical complications, the team of expert doctors will help you out.

CT Scan Test Cost

As the CT Scan test is not for one particular requirement or use. So, depending on that only, the cost of the CT Scan tests also varies. As the cost of the single joint CT Scan will be less in comparison to the cost of the complete skeletal CT Scan. You can get to know the exact price of a particular CT Scan Test from the lab only. It generally varies from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 15000. Before taking an appointment for the test, you can ask the price if the CT Scan test from the doctor.

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