Different approaches to losing weight

Some experts recommend a high-protein diet, some recommend a gluten-free diet, whilst some recommend a low-calorie diet. There are different and varyingapproaches when it comes to diets for losing weight. There is no telling on which particular diet will work out for which individual. One will need to embrace a trial and error method in choosing the perfect diet, to find the right one, that will be accepted by his/her body comfortably and exhibit desired results. Supplements and weight loss pills portal websites such as could also help you boost the efficiency of the diet that you choose to go ahead with.

The different types of diets for losing weight

A very important thing to note about various dieting plans is that there is no fixed recipe or ingredient to any diet. What you get is a calculation of nutrient values. Then according to your financial capacity, regional availability, schedule suitability and body’s food tolerance, you may structure your diet.

The Ketogenic diet

The Ketogenic diet has three elementary pillars to it and they are a low-carb, high healthy fat and medium protein intake. The science behind ketosis is the key to the efficiency of this diet. Your body’s primary source of energy is glucose, which comes from carbohydrates. Now, once you cut the intake of carbohydrates, the body is forced to turn to the alternative source of energy, your fat reserve, thusthe process burning through your fat reserve. This is when your body enters a stage of ketosis.

The Paleolithic diet

The name is quite obvious derived from the terminology given to pre-historic human era, Paleolithic era. Hence, the Paleolithic diet is often referred to as the caveman diet or Stone Age diet. This diet requires you to survive on foods that were only available to Paleolithic men. Typically this diet includes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and meat and rejects, the likes of dairy products, grains, sugars and legumes.

The Stillman Diet

Named after the formulator of the diet Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman, the diet focuses on animal protein-rich food such as turkey, chicken, fish, lean beef, eggs and non-fat cottage cheese. Spices and herbs are also considered. Fatty dressings such as butter and oil are not encouraged. Finally, the diet rounds up with the planning of 6 meals a day and a mandatory eight glasses of water daily.

The Atkins diet

The Atkins diet was structured by Dr. Robert C. Atkins. In the most rudimentary sense,Atkins diet is a low carb, high fat, high protein diet. However, when looked in depth, Atkins’ diet has got different layers to it, that makes it stand out from the regular low-carb diets. The most striking part of this diet is its four-stage plan. In the first stage, that continues for a couple of weeks, you intake calorie less than 20 grams. Make your meal with high-protein, high-fat and low-carb leafy vegetables. After two weeks we enter the Second stage, where you welcome back the nuts, fruits and some more low-carb veggies. Finally for the third stage, when you are about to reach your desired weight, allow in some more carb-rich food to put a gradual break on your weight losing mechanism. In the end, for the fourth stage, which is the long-term maintenance phase, you may accept as much of healthy carbs your body can process without regaining the extra pounds.

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