What to Know About Teeth Whitening

A glorious smile is one of the influential elements to look fantastic, especially for the first meetings. Most of us usually do our best to have healthy, white teeth. We do brush and floss daily and try to keep our teeth healthy. But that is not all. Teeth discoloration can happen due to various reasons. Those who suffer from stains on their teeth and do not know what to do can go for teeth whitening. Many people use teeth whitening to maintain a bright white smile throughout their lives. According to a dental specialist performing teeth whitening in North Vancouver, this method is the most popular type of cosmetic dentistry worldwide, and many patients choose it every year. Today, in this article, we address some of the most important questions that may occupy your mind about this cosmetic dental method.

The Main Reasons of Teeth Discoloration

Over time, your teeth may turn from white to yellow for some reason. The most important ones are food and drink. There are various colorful foods and drinks affecting the color of our teeth. Colorful foods and drinks are those containing color pigments such as coffee, tea, strawberries, cherries, red wine, to name a few. These pigments usually stick to teeth’ enamel and change their color over time.

Smoking is another significant reason for facing yellow and discolored teeth. Why? Cigarettes contain nicotine that is a strong element for causing stains.

You may get wonder to know that aging and getting older is another factor for having discolored teeth. When we get older, our teeth’ enamel gets thinner and thinner over time, and then another layer of our teeth will be appeared called dentin. This part of our teeth has a yellow color. That is why old people have discolored teeth, although they may have cared a lot about their oral health throughout their lives.

Blows can lead to hurting your tooth enamel. Then dentin reacts to this trauma, and your teeth look yellow more. Not all injuries can be avoided, but you can prevent some of them by wearing a sports mouth guard during any contact sports.

Who Are Not Allowed to Go for Teeth Whitening?

Since patients usually swallow a small amount of bleaching gel and we are not sure whether this gel is safe for fetuses or not, pregnant are not allowed to choose teeth whitening. Besides, those who are breastfeeding their babies are not recommended to get this cosmetic dental method.

And if you have sensitive teeth and gums, you are not a good candidate for this cosmetic dental method. Although it is said that any special side effects do not accompany this dental method, patients usually complain about sensitivity after the treatment. So, if you have sensitive teeth, you will get into bigger trouble with this method.

Will This Cosmetic Dental Treatment Remove All Stains? 

No. not all stains. There are two kinds of stains on our teeth: external and internal ones. Teeth whitening method can only remove the external stains on our teeth. And if there are deep, internal stains, another cosmetic dental method is offered, such as dental veneers.

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