Is Losing a Dental Crown Considered a Dental Emergency?

These days, everyone loves to have a shiny, flawless smile that gives them enough self-confidence to talk and laugh without feeling shy. Luckily, many cosmetic dental procedures are provided for different needs so you can enhance the look of your smile and fix any issues in the best way possible. The most popular form of cosmetic dentistry is a dental crown, which provides strong coverage for teeth and hides imperfections. But can dental crowns last forever? Unfortunately, the risk of losing your cosmetic crown is high if you don’t know how to maintain it properly. Having your cosmetic crown lost, broken or fallen out is a serious problem that an emergency dentist should handle. All experienced emergency dentists are adequately trained to help you when a tooth becomes a problem. As an emergency dentist in downtown Vancouver explains, unlike what it seems, a missing crown can be pretty disruptive and even painful. When this happens, visiting your emergency dentist is vital to protect your brilliant smile. Here we discuss when you need to visit an emergency dentist for a missing dental crown and how to handle it perfectly.

The Urgency Level of a Missing Crown Depends on Several Factors.

The Urgency Level of a Missing Crown Depends on Several Factors.

Before making an appointment and cancelling all other plans, you must know whether you are dealing with a dental emergency. Sometimes visiting your emergency dentist at the moment isn’t necessary, and you can wait a few days if you have a busy schedule. However, it’s never a bad idea to visit your emergency dentist when a dental problem happens. Here we explain a few things that indicate visiting your emergency dentist is urgent.

  • Bleeding: Sometimes, you may find your gums bleeding when the crown comes off or broke broken. Swelling or bleeding from the natural tooth isn’t a good sign and indicates more severe problems. Rinsing warm salt water and taking Over-the-counter anti-inflammation medications can relieve your pain and swelling until you can visit your emergency dentist.
  • Pain: It’s expected to feel severe pain when your cosmetic crown is broken or falls out. The missing crown can expose specific areas of the natural tooth, making them more vulnerable than before. This damaging exposure can cause unbearable pain and inconvenience, forcing you to visit your emergency dentist. Your emergency dentist can repair the damaged tooth, replace your missing crown and prevent the infection from spreading.

Other Important Things to Note and Remember

When a dental emergency occurs, you must be aware and careful instead of being stressed and panicked. If you see your crown is missing, it’s essential to have control of the situation and call your emergency dentist calmly. Your emergency dentist can provide you with all information you need until you can visit them for the checkup and treatment. On the other hand, visiting your emergency dentist isn’t necessary if the tooth isn’t in pain and has no side effects. In such cases, visiting your reliable general dentist is enough.

It’s important to observe and analyze your condition carefully to make the best decision.

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