It is important for you to know these steps of orthodontic treatment

Gone are the days when orthodontic treatments were extremely time consuming. The reality is that advances in dentistry have put an end to “out of sight” treatments and it is now possible to achieve excellent results in less time, in a practical and painless way. However, the outcome depends on a number of factors that include patient collaboration, the dentist’s professional experience, and especially compliance with all stages of orthodontic treatment. Skipping steps can seriously compromise treatment success, and damage dental aesthetics.


All orthodontic treatment such as Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata, begins with the first appointment with the orthodontist, but the diagnosis goes far beyond the initial clinical examination. Typically, this step involves carefully evaluating the patient, and requesting additional tests to identify the problem and create an action plan for treatment.

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Device installation

The placement of the appliance represents the beginning of the treatment itself. After the patient’s decision, further examinations and photographs can be taken to record the initial situation, and then the orthodontic appliance is installed in the teeth. So, if you are looking for the Immediate Dental Implant in Kolkata you should know that each type of appliance is placed in a different way, but from that moment the teeth begin to move, promoting the correction of the problem.


The alignment is one of the main stages of orthodontic treatment, because the teeth must be leveled, and aligned so that the drive is effective. Therefore, the first correction is usually made with light and thin strands which promote turns so that the teeth align in the correct position.


With teeth aligned and leveled, then the problem is corrected. Steel wires, thicker than those used in the previous step, and combined with elastics are responsible for promoting tooth movement to close spaces, adjust deviations, close open bites, or any purpose initially defined.


When the teeth approach the correct position, it is time to finish. Even if the patient is satisfied with their smile, hurrying this step can make the treatment unsuccessful. The final phase is the most laborious for the professional, and requires patient collaboration and patience.

After removal of the Dental Braces in Kolkata, the treatment is not over yet. The first months are considered a phase of adapting the teeth to new positions and the orthodontist may indicate placement of fixed or removable restraints to increase arch stability.


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