The Bottles Can Help To Create A Fixed Feeding Schedule

We know that babies do not want to eat. It is very tough task to feed them properly.  This bottle can help to create fixed schedule for feeding. The babies should feed once in every 1.5 hours. Before feeding them, parents should try to attract them to this bottles. The item means bottles should be check by the parents. It will be good if it is soft, flexible and wide. The nipple of this bottle must be felt natural. Otherwise babies cannot like it. The another best bottles for breastfed babies are Playtex Baby Nurser Dropins Baby Bottle.


This product is really best product, the manufacturer has an air that it fully looks like the breast that’s why babies have no confusion. It has a soft disposable liner inside it which prevents air from mixing with the milk by collapsing. This product is fully free from BPA. The model number of this product is 5761. This product is manufactured by Playtex. The dimension of the product is 16.5×11.4×11.4 cm.

best bottles for breastfed babies

Features and Details:

Generally, it’s customer reviews are low i.e.1.0 out of 5 stars. The product first came at the market on 29th Oct 2013. The features are enlisted below:

  • This product is totally similar to the breast. The babies can suck and swallow in a co-ordinated rhythm.
  • This product is free from BPA.
  • This product has pre-sterilised liner which can help babies for comfortable feeding by leaking air.
  • Babies can easily switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding due to it’s lookings..
  • While feeding the baby can take breathe naturally.
  • A comfortable feeding experience is provided by this bottles.
  • This bottle can reduce or minimise colic and gas. It is made of safety materials.


These product has maximum no. of features. But it has some disadvantages too. It is very little challenge to use. It is possible that the bottle has a leakage problem. Parents can prevent babies from making a habit of these bottles. These habit is harmful for the babies.


People always want to keep their babies happy. That’s why the type of bottles is made very soft, wide and flexible which is exact similar to the breast. At first child cannot accept this bottle feeding. But being a parent they should have a great patience and a great effort to feed their child properly. Though this bottle can help satisfactorily. Parents can maintain the rule that they don’t start the bottle feeding when their babies are hungry or tired.

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