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Closing the never ending argument of Winstrol vs Anavar

Winstrol versus Anavar review, probably what all people are waiting for, the best of the best that many brawls in the gym stem from. Many arguments, friends became enemies, some got divorced, some lost their jobs and even lost their lives, lol!

But dark jokes aside, in all seriousness people, do fight over what drug is better, Winstrol or Anavar, Anavar or Winstrol? Even the arrangement on which drug will go first is a fight starter (jeez!). I promise not to make any person fight over this article for sure!

These drugs: Both drugs are the primary choice for most bodybuilders, and the reason why these drugs get heavily argued is because these drugs have very similar effects from each other. Why people love one drug versus the other can be explained here. And trust me it’s all a matter of preference and needs.

Winstrol versus Anavar review

Anavar: is the friendlier drug the widely preferred by women due to lesser side effects but men also love using this drug. It has a friendlier effect that makes this ideal for people that aren’t in a hurry to get the body that they want but still wants to see significant results in weeks tops. It’s friendlier means less potent as well, and for people that want to have a safer cycle this drug fits best.

Winstrol: is considered as a prodrug, often used by pro’s when a game or a contest is almost near. It’s a very potent drug that requires tremendous knowledge in the drug to avoid its side effects. This drug is good in making people leaner and more powerful faster at a rapid rate.

Harmonizing: But why fight over what drug to use when you can use both drugs! What!? Use both drugs at the same time?! That’s right! If you are into your cutting cycle combining both of these drugs on a cutting cycle is probably the best decision that you ever made in your life. It’s even better if you add Clen to the equation!.

End of war?: Yeah yeah, fights over folks! No need to unfriend a friend, no need to file for a divorce, no need for a good old-fashioned gym brawl and seriously no need to jump off a bridge or hang yourself because both drugs can be used as one! If both drugs can be used at the same time, all together and hand in hand why can you be? Give it a try and experience a cutting cycle that you have never experienced before.

I should probably get an award for this or get a reward or something for making people love each other again. Anavar or Winstrol / Winstrol or Anavar had been the popular and primary choice of a drug that most bodybuilders use. It’s easy to compare both because of the similarities of the drug but as you delve further the more you realize to whom and when it’s better to use each drug. And both drugs can also possibly be used together for cutting together with Clen.