What is Centrophenoxine? How does it work?

Acetylcholine or choline acetate is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter which sends and receives messages from one neuron to another. Centrophenoxine is a drug that helps in the production of this neurotransmitter and serves a brain booster too. It can increase the levels of choline in the body and inhibits any sort of brain damage due to age.

This product is an ester which is produced by combining two essential chemicals such as DMAE i.e. dimethylethanolamine and pCPA i.e. parachlophenoxyacetic acid. While DMAE is ammonia,  which reduces use of choline in the peripheral tissues, pCPA is auxin which accelerates growth in living organisms. Both these components can help in boosting the brain power considerably.

How does centrophenoxine work?

Centrophenoxine is a brain booster which is water soluble and it works closely with acetylcholine neurotransmitter. This property of the drug makes it easier to get ingested in the body and travel freely to any part of the body. The human body produces minimal amount of DMAE and choline, but if you want to boost its production then you must use centrophenoxine. Naturally occurring choline has a lower absorption rate too. Centrophenoxine works by countering the body’s choline deficiency and prevents any malfunctioning of the brain.

  • It can help to improve your memory by boosting the levels of acetylcholine in the brain.
  • It inhibits the lipofuscin and beta-amyloid residue too.
  • With this drug you can fight signs of aging and boost the health of your brain.

It is recommended to take a dosage of around 250-1500 mg per day and it is a well tolerated drug.

acetylcholine neurotransmitter

When the drug enters the body it breaks up in the liver and activates the neurotransmitters present there. It is a rich source of choline and boosts the production of acetylcholine, a prominent neurotransmitter of the body. This neurotransmitter leads to the transmission of neuron signals in the brain and can increase the synaptic plasticity considerably. This leads to a high stimulation of the brain and it starts functioning at a steady speed. This leads to a boost in the memory retention, learning skills and memory storage. It also improves the brain-neuron communication which is an important part of the nervous system.

Centrophenoxine can also improve the absorption rate as it is soluble as compared to naturally occurring choline and DMAE. As natural choline and DMAE are less soluble and difficult to get absorbed, they work slowly as compared to centrophenoxine. It helps to keep the brain active and use glucose, oxygen and water at a considerable speed. This keeps lethargy and drowsiness away and speeds up processing and thinking of the brain. It helps you to remember things faster as it improves memory retention. It also prevents the neurons and synapse to dry. This prevents diseases such as dementia in old age. It is also effective in cleaning up the toxins and preventing its accumulation that can hinder the brain’s cerebral functions.

If you want to keep your brain working without any issues then this drug is quite effective.

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