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Getting familiar with steroids

Steroids could be said as chemical compounds which contain three benzene rings which are fused concurrently and then managed in a particular way. Ergogenic and therapeutic uses could be said as often reasons for taking steroids. Talking about anabolic steroid it’s not new as it was first studied and synthesized in the year 1932. Cholesterol intake in a diet could be stated as the natural type of steroid produced in a human body. Steroids could be also said as a set of compounds which have quite resemblance with testosterone. There is both legal as well as illegal use of steroids in the medical field an anabolic steroid is often used in order treat a patient of anemia. One could easily find steroids for sale in the form of tablet as well as injections.

steroids for sale

Types of steroids

The steroids are usually categorized into

  • Anabolic steroids
  • Corticosteroids

Anabolic steroids are the steroid type which is commonly used. It could be stated as a synthetic steroid which performs similar functions as that of parallel natural parts, the production of protein is promoted by them. The increase in muscle tissues and bone growth rate could be observed while using an anabolic steroid. It is also responsible for the growing appetite as well as masculinity in a human body.

Whereas the other kind of steroids i.e. corticosteroids is synthetically delineated in order to perform the similar functions of cortisol (a hormonal steroid that is produced in the outer layer of adrenal glands in a human body). This type of steroids is generally prescribed for the medical treatment of endocrine disorders and for improving immunity of the body. The further classification of corticosteroids is mineral corticoids and glucocorticoids.

 Steroids as a sport supplement

The steroids for sale in the world of sports are quite common. Sportsmen take steroids, with the purpose of improving performance in the game within a very short time period. The stamina and endurance of the players are also increased with the help of steroids.

Talking specifically about bodybuilding it is the profession in which the use of steroids is most common as there are numerous ways in which it could be beneficial like

  • In making an improved and toned body and enhancing the appearance physically.
  • For increasing the muscle mass.
  • In getting more strength and power.
  • One could bear intense training sessions while steroid course.
  • In boosting performance in the game.

However, it is not legal for sportsperson who participate in international events of sports like common wealth games or Olympics as the communities of sports at an international level consider it as cheating. There are also many benefits of steroids for medicinal purpose as there is a wide usage of the steroids in medical field and the sale for steroids is quite common as the patient of disease like asthma as well as AIDS and cancer are prescribed with the dosage of steroid as a medical drug in several cases.

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