Psychotherapists: What are they?

Psychotherapy is a technical term for therapy, it’s the recovery of one’s mind without the use of medication. A psychotherapist utilizes their ability to understand and read people to provide psychological methods of recovery, this is achieved through regularly scheduled appointments with the patient to offer ideas and methods to overcome the issues brought to them. For a long time therapy only existed through psychiatrists who focus more on prescriptions medication treatment than the complete evaluation of the patient’s mental state. Psychotherapy is designed to improve the state of mental health through certain tactics proven to treat mental disorders. Some even call it pseudoscience, but this kind of therapy has proven to work far better than a prescription ever could. Medication can regulate one’s impulses, but it can’t offer them effective methods to live in this society with their illness. Psychotherapy offers just that.


There are thousands of techniques used, some are as simple as talking and writing out on paper what’s going on in someone’s head. Some treatments take much longer, several sessions, and on occasion aren’t just between the patient and therapist. Sometimes Psychotherapists bring in families or friends as long as the patient allows it, offering group therapy to help everyone support the patient in need, to understand the illness, and to help fix the problem at hand. They may even include psychologists, social workers, family therapists or counsellors. Most Psychotherapists have a strong background in psychology, it allows them to diagnose and treat the mental disorder much faster than your average counsellor.

Psychotherapy has been developing for decades. It stems from the 19th-century movement referred to as the “moral treatment” movement. This was founded in western culture and philosophers discovered the use in mental treatment and diagnosis. Eventually, they began to use techniques like hypnotism until the early 1950’s when they began to delve further into behavioural analysis. This allowed psychologists and other like-minded doctors to study the patient and illness in question to determine how to diagnose and fix the problem. This was a huge step in history as it’s one of the many techniques used today.

As the decades rolled by, Psychotherapists developed these techniques into one profession, allowing behavioural analysis and medications to mix together, creating a process that allows these therapists to come together for the aid of those patients in need. These findings aided in the evolution of therapy and medication, paving the way for an entirely fresh perspective in medicine and how we treat others with mental illness. This allowed people to truly dive deep into the problem, to understand it and manipulate it until it was controlled. It changed the course of everything, and every passing year these methods improve. Psychotherapy is currently one of the Nation’s leading professions, rising further up the ladder as more philosophers and medics get involved. It is, what most would call, the beginning of a new medical era.


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