Orthopedic Group: Painful Lower Limb Specialist On Sunshine Coast

Dealing with leg pain can be painful and irritating. Leg pain may result to:

●       wear and tear

●       overuse

●       injuries in joints, bones, muscles, tendons, soft tissues, or ligaments

Also, some types of leg pain can be traced to problems in the lower spine. Leg pain can also be caused by varicose veins, poor circulation, and blood clots. Scorthogroup specializes in the painful lower limb, offering non-operative, surgical, and world-class outcomes with a caring and compassionate approach. There are a range of innovative operative and non-operative solutions to get back the usual things you always do.


Causes of leg pain

If you are suffering from leg pain, you have to understand how you get the health condition and how to deal with it. The list is some causes of leg pain:

●       PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease)

●       DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

●       Peripheral Neuropathy

●       Electrolyte Imbalance

●       Spinal Stenosis

●       Sciatica

●       Arthritis

●       Pulled Muscle

●       Sprain

●       Muscle Cramp

●       Shin Splints

●       Stress Fracture

●       Tendinitis

●       Varicose Vein

●       Burning Thigh Pain

All these can be a cause of leg pain, which can be prevented or treated with the help of orthopedic group specialists,

The lower part of the legs takes the brunt of your daily life. You shouldn’t have to be suffering in pain. Medical treatment helps the condition, which is also home therapy is possible. But, you need a specialist to ensure that you do the right thing.

Common leg pain conditions and treatments!

Discomfort or pain anywhere in the leg may range from a minor ache to an intense stabbing sensation. Minor injuries or overuse causes leg pain. The discomfort may often disappear in a short time and can be eased at home.

In some cases, a serious medical condition causes pain. You may see the orthopedic group if you are experiencing persistent or severe leg pain. Here are some of the common causes of leg pain that orthopedic specialists can effectively treat:

●       Cramps. Spasm or muscle cramp is a primary cause of leg pain known as charley horse. The cramp usually triggers sharp pain as the leg muscle contracts. Muscle tightening often forms a hard lump under the skin, which is visible. There might be swelling or some redness in the surrounding area. Dehydration and fatigue may lead to leg cramps. Certain medications include statins and diuretics.

●       Injuries. It is frequently a sign of an injury, such as:

○       Muscle strain

○       Tendinitis

○       Knee bursitis

○       Shin splints

○       Stress fractures

Once you experience all these leg pain problems, you need to look for specialists. If you fail to do so, you might be managing the pain every day. But, it is not healthy to wait for the pain to disappear. So, you have to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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