Important Questions You Must Ask a Recovery Treatment Center

If you are looking for an alcohol or drug treatment center, then you need to perform good research. There are a few questions that you must ask a recovery center before you choose them.

Is Your Center Accredited and Licensed?

It is important that an alcohol recovery rehab facility has to be well approved, accredited and licensed by a recognized and government authorized body. The most respected accreditation is the “Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organization”. Their stringent requirements mandate superior quality treatment.

How long is the program duration?

Addiction and therapeutic treatments have positive long-term impacts that stay for a long time than just a month’s time. Most of the rehab centers provide 30 days, 60 days and even 90 days treatment program and can be customized on the basis of the addiction involved.

Recovery Treatment Center

What Can I Expect from Your Rehab Treatment?

Rehabilitation for alcohol abuse, an eating disorder and drug addiction must begin with an elaborate physical and psychological evaluation. In just a few days of the treatment, you can see positive effects like cessation of alcohol and drugs, improved health and renewed wellness in the person.

How will be the environment at your Facility?

Based on the type of behavioral health or drug rehab facility, it can be more of a clinical or retreat program. The setting assists in recovery and the treatment. Ensure that you properly look at all the available options prior to selecting the rehab center. Choose the one that fits your requirements in the best way.

What type of recovery services do you provide?

Research your potential drug rehab treatment center. Many of them provide alternative or holistic treatments in their drug recovery process. Some of them offer services such as yoga, art therapy, acupuncture, meditation, reiki, acupressure, nutritional, therapeutic massage and fitness.


All these questions would ensure that the rehabilitation center you choose fits well within your needs and assists in providing you complete recovery.


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