How Much CBD is Good For The First Time?

Figuring out how much CBD is needed for the first time in such a complex question as there is no direct answer to this. Even though Cannabis has been for many years but cbd oil for sleep is quite new in the market. Many experts believe that when you are taking CBD for the first time, you should start with the lowest dose and gradually you can increase the way into taking more.

  1. Depending on a few things

For the beginners, it all depends on how much your body can consume for the first time. Some factors playing an essential role while taking CBD oil:

cbd oil for sleep

  • The Way of taking it

There are various forms of taking CBD oil for sleep. It depends on the process you are taking and how you are taking it:

  • As oils and tinctures
  • As for edibles
  • As creams and lotions
  • As vapes, etc.

Now the doses vary a lot, like in CBD gummies, the standard dose is 5mg while it is 1 mg per drop for lotions and tinctures.

  1. What is the purpose of taking CBD oil?

People can be seen with CBD for so many different reasons like nausea to pain. So, the purpose decides how you are going to take CBD oil. Start with a few milligrams and then increase the dose next week if you are not getting enough relief.

  1. When does it start working?

It depends on the way you are taking it. Edibles go through the digestive tract before it gets absorbed in the blood. By the time it reaches the blood, only a small amount is left. Another way is a tincture that gets absorbed directly in the mainstream.

  1. How long does the effect last?

CBD lasts for about 2 to 6 hours depending on the dose you are taking and the tolerance level of your body. Some have strong effects that last for a longer time.

The onset time of CBD

  1. Edibles: This takes up to 2 hours
  2. Tinctures: These are the sprays acting in 15 to 45 minutes
  3. Topicals: These last for 45 to 60 minutes
  4. Vape: The vape products act in about 15 to 30 minutes


CBD is safe for everyone’s use but one size is not fit for all. Take up all the clinical guidelines and also consult a doctor before starting with the dose.

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