Different Types Of Teeth Aligners For You To Consider

Teeth aligner treatments are the solution to crooked or misaligned teeth. With these methods, you can now stop dreaming about achieving that perfect smile because these teeth aligners will make it possible for you. If you are looking at your options, you have come to the right place. Check out below which are the ones that you might want to consider.

Ceramic Braces

These are clear, tooth-colored braces. They work like metal braces but are less visible. These braces are slightly larger than metal braces and may stain depending on diet and brushing habits. Affordable ceramic braces are preferred by patients who do not think other orthodontic treatments are suitable for them. They aren’t for everyone, but they are practical.

Types Of Teeth Aligners

Clear Aligners

Recently, clear aligners have become increasingly popular. Invisalign, which became the most prominent brand of aligners in the early 2000s, revolutionized them. Clear aligners are great options for patients with mild to moderate dental issues such as misaligned teeth, large overbite, no jaw alignment issues, and gaps in their front teeth. They are also most recommended for those who have had braces before and need a “touch up.”

Lingual Braces

It is the most highly specialized and rarest orthodontic device available. This is because they require specific orthodontic skills that few orthodontists have. Because lingual braces are behind the teeth and are not learned in orthodontic school. So, the orthodontist must learn to use them in their ways. Adults who do not want visible braces but have complex orthodontic needs can benefit from lingual braces. This is also becoming more popular among teenagers.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most popular because they have been around for over a century. Metal braces used to be bulky and easily visible. But, thankfully, braces today aren’t like they were back then. Now, they are more affordable than ever too. Metal braces are most popular with kids and teens. They work by attaching wire braces to the teeth. The wire is then attached to the braces with elastic ties in various colors. Every 4 to 8 weeks, you need to go to your orthodontist for adjustments.

No matter which teeth aligner treatment solution you choose, there is no doubt that it would work effectively to correct your teeth alignment problems. Just make sure that you discuss your options with your orthodontist because they are the ones who can confirm if what you prefer is the best alternative for you.

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