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Because they can occur to anyone, anywhere, at any time, sudden cardiac arrests are scary. It is best to be ready for such unanticipated events. At HTM Medico, they provide various tools and training services to assist persons in dealing with medical emergencies such as sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). To buy portable aed they are the ones to be contacted.

What are AED machines?

AEDs, or Automated External Defibrillators, are portable devices that one can purchase to provide emergency care to persons suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. AED kits are put in both homes and public spaces to provide immediate aid in a cardiac emergency. This medical apparatus evaluates the heart’s rhythm and, if necessary, administers defibrillation, or what all would refer to as an electric shock, to restore a healthy heart rhythm.

How does it work?

An AED uses adhesive electrodes to monitor a victim’s heartbeat using an internal computer. Whether defibrillation is required is decided by the computer. If this is the case, an automated voice tells the rescuer to activate the AED’s shock button. This jolt temporarily stuns the heart, causing it to stop beating. The heart has a chance to resume its regular rhythm as a result. Audible cues direct the user through the process.

One of the top AED providers in Singapore is HTM Medico, where one can purchase these automated defibrillators. With these available for purchase, they make sure everyone has access to AEDs that are high-tech, economical, and simple to use, so they have what everyone needs to save a life.

Buy portable aed

In addition to AEDs, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving treatment that comprises chest compressions and artificial ventilation to enable someone who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest to regain breathing and blood circulation. One can get the Brayden CPR Manikin and other AED trainer accessories for CPR training, which help with practical and straightforward learning of all the steps involved in CPR.

HTM Medico is one’s go-to distributor of AEDs and AED accessories in Singapore if one is looking to buy an AED trainer. They strive to be a top supplier of all other emergency life-saving medical supplies and gadgets and offer AED trainers.

The market’s favorite AED provider to buy portable aed is HTM Medico, Singapore’s No. 1 AED Distributor.

They aspire to be the top provider of high-quality, reasonably priced portable/home medical devices and layperson emergency life-saving goods. And constantly teach the public how to take control of their health and adopt a healthy lifestyle. They can be contacted through the telephone number or the email provided on their site. For getting the best and trusted AED machine, they are the ones to be the first and last trusted stop.

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