5 Amazing Benefits of Kunzea Oil

Kunzea oil is an essential oil that is extracted from the flowers of a shrub called Kunzeaambigua. This shrub is native to Tasmania and Australia, where people have been traditionally using the oil for various reasons. Kunzea oil is more popularly known around the world by different names, like white cloud essential oil, tick bush essential oil, or Tasmanian spring essential oil. With all of that being said, here’s a list of Kunzea oil benefits.

Joint pain

Kunzea essential oil is most commonly used for pain associated with joints, more specifically arthritis pain. While you can exclusively use Kunzea essential oil, any other oil that has Kunzea oil in it would also help in providing relief. Kunzea oil has anti-inflammatory properties that act on the joints and provide pain relief by reducing inflammation.

Respiratory troubles

Kunzea oil is an instant remedy for problems associated with normal respiratory functioning, like cold, cough, headaches from cold, sore throat, running nose, asthma, and other forms of allergies. This is because Kunzea oil contains 1.8 cineole and alpha-pinene that help with these conditions.


If you’re keen on taking care of your skin in the most natural ways, one of the best ways to pamper your skin is using Kunzea oil. For people who have a sensitive skin, Kunzea oil would be an amazing alternative since it’s very mild and light on the skin. If you’re still not sure about it, you can dilute it and apply it to the face or wherever you would want to. It helps by speeding up the healing process and getting rid of blemishes. You might as well find creams that contain Kunzea oil in them for convenience.

Anxiety and stress

Various researches suggest that Kunzea oil is a great remedy for relieving stress and getting rid of mild anxiety. It’s helpful in dealing with both physical and emotional pain. The smell of Kunzea oil is so relaxing that it reaches our system to detoxify us of any amount of stress and anxiety, making us feel relaxed and at peace.

Insect bites

Kunzea oil can also be helpful in pacifying insect bites. Insect bites cause inflammation, redness, and as a result- pain. Since Kunzea oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps getting rid of pain and redness. It has a soothing effect and helps reduce itchiness on the skin around the insect bite.

Kunzea oil is an all-rounder oil that helps with various problems. While you can use Kunzea essential oil, you can use any other oil with the Kunzea oil, being a part of it to reap the benefits of the other oils as well. While you should typically apply Kunzea oil for pain,insect bites, and skincare, diffusing Kunzea oil and smelling it would help with psychological troubles, like anxiety, exhaustion, and stress.

If you want the most authentic form of this oil, you should be looking for Kunzea oil suppliers Australia; since Kunzea oil is native to Australia.

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