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How to choose the best Herb vapes serving all of your requirements

An e-cigarette is the most common device in today’s world. We are all health conscious people here. After spreading lots of awareness speeches and advertisement, finally, people got understand that cigarette smoking is strictly not acceptable to live a healthy lifestyle. But those who are addicted to the nicotine are facing difficulties to quit. E-cigarettes deliver you the actual feel of smoking without the harmful effects of tobacco. After the first-generation e-cigarette got the huge popularity among the users, there are now numerous types of products you can try for. The new addition to this list is the herb vapes. It is the basic vaporizer with a refreshing aromatic scent of an herb. As we all know that herbs are the best product which we can guarantee about its effectiveness. The effects of e-cigarettes are not known completely. But it is sure that herb vapes will not harm you.

What is a vapor pen?

The herb vapors normally come with two parts – one is the battery and the tank. The coil which generates heat is placed inside the tank. The main advantage of vape pens is the portability. These are mostly in sleek designs and therefore are really handy. Its design basically resembles a regular pen. An internal power battery and atomizer are inserted in these devices.

The vaporizers containing dry herbs are called herb vapes. The functionality differs a bit from the other vape pens or the box mods. The battery delivers the power differently because these vaporizers need to heat up the tank for a couple of seconds just before the use. This chamber or tank is the most important part of a dry herb vaporizer. Normally they are made of ceramic and various types of metals and alloy. When the battery starts to supply power the coil inside the chamber begins to heat up and thus it helps the herbs inside to vaporize. So it takes more time compared to the other e-cigarettes which may be 5-20 seconds span. Actually, here the herbs are getting vaporized not burnt.

For the best dry herb vaporizer, you have to select the product which delivers you the actual flavor through actual vaporization without burning. From the huge range of products, here we have recommended the below-listed products.

  1. V2 Pro Series 3x Dry Herb Vape Pen V2: this is a newly launched vape pen with lots of added features. It is a 3in 1 vape pen so it can be operated using e-liquids and wax along with the dry herbs according to your preference. It includes sub-ohm cartridge, ceramic heater, variable voltage, adjustable airflow, temperature controls and the battery light indicator.
  2. Mig Vapor Torpedo: it is the best vape pen for those who need to vape their herbal aroma always.

Pros: it has the biggest battery for the dry herb vapors and that is 2200 mAh.

The heating chamber is upgraded here with the capacity of 1.7 ml.

You can customize the heating temperature. There are three separate temperatures are available to enjoy the maximum flavor of your chosen herbs.

It comes with a full kit.

Cons: the kit does not contain wall charger. The user has to purchase it separately.


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