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Tips for a healthier workplace environment

Regardless of the type of business that you run, a healthy workplace is paramount, both for you and your employees. Putting health at the forefront means prioritizing physical and emotional wellbeing, and the results can be stark. A happier workforce is a more productive one, and long-term job satisfaction means company loyalty.

#1. Start with seating

The wrong kind of seating can have disastrous consequences for your staff. Slouching at a desk for extended periods leads to back pain, which quickly becomes chronic. There are a few ways to remedy this problem. Bringing in orthopedic chairs with inbuilt back support is a fantastic way to encourage your staff to adopt a healthier posture. Another (often overlooked) idea is to introduce a standing desk area. Sitting for a long time isn’t healthy even in the best chair, so giving employees the option to stand makes a big difference.

#2. Bring in plants

Plants are a small (not to mention cheap) change that can be extremely positive. Plants of any kind are proven to purify the air. They inhale toxins and exhale oxygen, creating a far healthier and pleasant working environment. Plants are shown to help mental health, too, relieving feelings of stress and anxiety that might sometimes plague an office. You have lots of plants to choose from, but whether you opt for elegant trailing varieties or more regal floor plants,your staff will thank you.

#3. Offer healthy snacks

Most offices make snacks available, but more often than not, these aren’t healthy. Snacks like potato chips are high in salt and processed fat, making them a poor choice. Switch these for fruit, and you’ve already made a difference. Alongside the usual set of coffee and tea, be sure to offer water, too. Water is healthier than caffeinated drinks, and hydration is important at all times of the day.

#4. Keep medical supplies on site

Alongside things like fire extinguishers and blankets, offices should keep health equipment on-site in case of emergency. This includes devices like defibrillators and EpiPens, along with more pandemic-specific paraphernalia like masks and hand sanitizers. Procuring medical supplies doesn’t have to be as costly as you might imagine. Marketplaces like make it easier not only to find the equipment you require but to compare prices, delivery times, and reviews between suppliers. This helps you to get the best equipment at the best price.

#5. Look after mental health

There are lots of ways to look after employee mental health. Some of these are direct interventions, like offering mental health support and on-site counselors so that your staff always have someone to talk to. Other changes are more subtle. Being a flexible employer works wonders. Allowing staff to work from home where possible or even implementing a hybrid model is effective. Offering sick pay and support helps, as does recognizing and rewarding achievement. Generally speaking, the kinder and more understanding your office is, the better it will be for mental health.

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