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How a Food Allergy Can Impact Your Child’s Life

If certain foods disagree with your child, you need to go to a doctor to find out about taking an allergy test. By contacting a doctor, you can find out how much food your child eats before he or she responds to the allergen. This type of test can take time but it is time well spent as you need to learn what foods your child needs to avoid to keep from getting sick.

Types of Food Testing Methods

In Bangkok, doctors provide a variety of methods to test food allergies. For example, in one test, the test recipient and doctor both know the food type. In another method, the recipient does not know the food type. Only the tester knows the food type.

The Double-Blind Assessment: A More Objective Test

Another type of test is called a double-blind type of assessment. During this test, the recipient and doctor do not know when the fake food or real food will be provided. This is done to provide more objectivity when testing. This test, as you might imagine, takes longer — about a couple days. This test works out well when a patient is fearful about ingesting a doubtful food or if the recipient will receive the allergy treatment by oral immunotherapy.

Preparing for a Food Test

When food allergy testing methods are implemented, the recipient must be in good health seven days before the scheduled test date. Also, the patient must stop using antihistamine before undergoing testing. This should be done about one week before the test. He or she can still use an inhalant of a steroid type for asthma control. A nose spray with a steroid or leukotriene antagonist may also be used.

Go Online and Book an Appointment

If you feel that your child needs to be tested for a food allergy, you need to go online and leave your name and address if you live near the local hospital in Bangkok. You can also respond to the chat line on the site if you want to receive immediate answers to your questions. By taking this approach, you can stay proactive and get to the bottom of your child’s allergic complaints. You can also find out the severity of the food allergy.

Reactions May Be Mild to Severe

While some children have a moderate reaction to a food, some children can develop anaphylaxis, which can become quite serious as the breathing is affected. That is why this type of problem will not resolve itself and you need a doctor’s input. By visiting a nearby hospital, your child can undergo testing that will determine the cause for the allergy and help you find out how to direct your child’s care.

A food allergy can be considered mild, moderate, or severe. It just depends on the patient. By seeing a doctor about your child’s complaints, you can see how different foods affect your child and why his or her immune response is reactive. Go online now if you have not done so and schedule a food allergy test for your child now.

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