Some Mouth-watering Ladoo Recipes

Indian Cuisine is rich in a range of sweet dishes and every State of India has their own traditional and classic sweet recipes. Ladoo is a famous category of sweets that are popular around the whole Country and in Foreign as well. There are innumerable Ladoo recipes are available to satisfy your sweet tooth. Ladoo is an inseparable sweet item in almost every auspicious festivals and occasion. Many people have loads of childhood memories associated with Ladoo. To freshen up your memories and have an idea about some popular Ladoos, go through the following:

  • Boondi Ladoo: It is one of the most famous Ladoo relished in almost every household. This popular sweet is prepared with Gram Flour batter. The small, golden yellow balls dipped into a Sugar Syrup. Generally, two types of Boondi Ladoos are popular among the mass. One is crisp hard Boondi Ladoo and another is soft texture Boondi Ladoo. Both of these styles involved with lots of variations in the method and Sugar Syrup consistency as well. Different methods result in different textures.

  • Motichoor Ladoo: It is another very famous version of Ladoo. Motichoor Ladoos are superbly delicious and melt-in-mouth Ladoos made of Gram Flour. The preparation process of Motichoor Ladoo and Bondi Ladoo is somewhat similar; however, the main difference lies in the size of tiny Boondis or fried Gram Flour balls. Boondi Ladoo has bigger Gram Flour balls and Motichoor Ladoo has smaller balls. Both of these Ladoos are prepared with Besan or Gram Flower batter.
  • Besan Ladoo: It is an easy-to-prepare Ladoo that requires Gram Flour, Powdered Sugar along with Ghee. To make the perfect Besan Ladoo, perfect Gram Flour roasting technique should be implemented.
  • Atta Ladoo: It is a quick, simple, and delicious Ladoo preparation in which Whole Wheat Flour, Sugar, and Ghee are the major ingredients.
  • Coconut Ladoo: It is a perfect match of every festival and celebrations. These melt-in-mouth Ladoos are prepared with a couple of simple ingredients like Desiccated Coconut and Sugar Syrup. With merely three ingredients, you can prepare these tasty Ladoos. This quick-fix vegan Ladoo is a must-try recipe in every household.
  • Rava Ladoo: This quick and simple Ladoo recipe is prepared with Semolina, Khoya along with Desiccated Coconut. It takes around 20 minutes to prepare.
  • Ragi Ladoo: It is simple, quick, and delicious Ladoo. It can be prepared with simple ingredients, such as Ragi, Jaggery, and Ghee. Ragi is a storehouse of Calcium.
  • Poha Ladoo: It is a delicious and quick fix Ladoo prepared with thick Poha, Jaggery, and Ghee.
  • Panjiri Ladoo: It is an authentic Ladoo preparation consumed in winter seasons. Consumption of Panjiri will help to strengthen your body against the cold days. However, you should consume Panjiri in a proper manner because it is a heavy sweet. Your body can get the advantages of panjiri ladoo if you do an appropriate workout with it.

Some other popular Ladoos are Badam Ladoo, Moong Dal Ladoo, Malai Ladoo, Maa Ladoo or Maladu, Urad Dal Ladoo, Peanut Ladoo, Sabudana Ladoo, Sattu Ladoo etc.

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